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Often during the development stage of a workflow-based application some simple Business Process Diagrams don't require a complex programming or data structure. When GeneXus X Evolution 2 or prior versions are used this can be solved by creating a new Business Process Diagram object, adding code and deploying the newly created application. However as of GeneXus X Evolution 3 the GXflow Dynamic Forms feature is available. This features enables to adding new variables to the form dynamically —even when the application is already deployed— this is especially useful for performing small changes to the interface once the application is deployed.

This feature allows completing the Model Automation stage without the need for adding a single line of code; in other words, it gives the user the possibility to add a user task without programming a new object or re-deploying his application. With Dynamic Forms the user will be able to create forms at runtime by associating them to a Business Process Diagram object and execute it.

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