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Business Process Diagram objects allow defining Timers.

You can use the Timer Intermediate Event in BPD as an intermediate event in your Business Process Diagram, and attached to a task to represent a deadline to execute the task, for example.

If the Timer is associated with a task, the timestamp is assigned to the work item corresponding to the timer. If the Timer usage property is specified in the timer as Deadline, the same timestamp is also assigned to the work item corresponding to the task (only for maintaining compatibility with the statistics).

Then to evaluate when the timestamp of the Timer is reached, the Timer Control has to be executed.

Note: Deadlines set in GeneXus 9.0 or older define a deadline directly for the tasks, which translates into a timestamp in the corresponding work items.

The Deadline Checker is the program responsible for evaluating Deadlines, controlling when the timestamp expires. Tasks eventually have successors with deadline-type edges which are triggered when they expire.

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