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Relevant data is global data that is known throughout the whole Business Process Diagram.

This concept enables the administration of data transfer between tasks and allows the information to be known throughout the flow. 

You can compare it to a global variable for it is the mechanism used by Workflow for passing information between elements of the business process diagram.  


  • Relevant Data will be automatically created with the same name and type as the Primary Keys of any Transaction dragged to the diagram.
  • For the Relevant Data defined automatically with the same name and type as the primary keys in the transactions (like InvoiceId in this example), there is an automatic match between the relevant data and the PK attribute. In other words, there is an automatic mapping between the relevant data with the same name and type as that of a primary key attribute and that primary key attribute.
  • As a restriction, Relevant Data cannot be defined as collections nor SDT but it can be defined as a vector see Dimension.


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