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The Business Process Deployer utility can be executed command line; just use the -help for further detail.

java -jar c:\GXFolderInstallation\Packages\Gxpm\Tools\BPDeployer\Java\GXBPDeployer.jar -help

Usage: GXBPDeployer [-options] <deploy file path>

-help Print this help page.
-nonewversion Do not create new versions of business processes.
-nogui Do not display GUI.
-forcecreatedb Forces creation of workflow tables before deploy.
-currentversion <version> Specifies that the current workflow tables in the database corresponds to version <version> of the workflow runtime.
-noask Do not ask for confirmation before executing database reorganizations.
-serverhost <host> DNS name or IP of the database server host.
-serverport <port> TCP port where the database server is listening for TCP connections.
-dbname <name> Database name.
-userid <user id> User ID for database connection.
-userpwd <user password> User password for database connection.
-addconnattrs <attributes> .NET only: additional database connection string attributes.
-jdbcdriver <driver> Java only: JDBC driver name. ie: for mysql: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
-jdbcurl <url> Java only: JDBC URL.
-ifxserver <server instance> Informix server instance
-classpath <classpath> Java only: additional classpath.
-interpreter <path> Java only: optional path of the interpreter to be used when executing the deploy process.
-netlogdetail <level> .NET only: log level, 0 = Off, 1 = Fatal, 2 = Error,
3 = Warn, 4 = Info, 5 = Debug, 6 = All.
-netlogfile <path> .NET only: log file path
-jdbclogdetail <level> Java only: JDBC log level. 0 = High, 1 = Medium, 2 = Low.
-jdbclogfile <path> Java only: log file path


  • By default, any needed database reorganization will be performed automatically before executing the actual deploy. Use the options -forcecreatedb or -currentversion to change this behaviour.
  • In Java, if you are using one of the predefined JDBC drivers, the option -jdbcurl can be ignored. Just provide the host, TCP port and database name.



# Java with SQLServer
java -jar GXBPDeployer.jar -nogui -jdbcdriver net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver -jdbclogdetail 1 -classpath "C:\Temp\drivers\jtds-1.2.jar" -forcecreatedb -serverhost SERVER_IP -serverport 1433 -dbname DB_NAME -userid USER -userpwd password ".\SQLServer.bpd"

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