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This menu allows you to set the schema to be used to authenticate users.



  • Authentication Schema:

    • GXflow: Standard schema. The verification is performed on the users defined in the system. 
    • Windows: The user currently logged into Windows operating system is used.
    • External: A customized mechanism is used to verify the users. 
    • Default: GXflow


  • Authentication Program: Only visible if the authentication schema is external.

<Procedure_name> must be as shown below:

 .NET: <Class Name Fullyqualified>,<Assembly Name>

Ex: “GeneXus.Programs.aauthenticationProcedure,aauthenticationProcedure.dll”

JAVA:  procedure class name

The procedure specified here has to be as follows:

parm(in:&UserId, in:&UserPassword, out:&error);



       is based on the WorkflowUserId domain

- &UserPassword

      is based on WorkflowPassword domain

- &error is Numeric (4): returns the result of the user evaluation. The engine also verifies if the user is nominated.

Possible values to return are as follows:

0: Valid user and password.

9998: Incorrect user or password

9995: Access denied

 Note: You must be responsible for compiling the procedure.



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