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This article describes how to set a user as out of office using the Workflow API.

You can do it with the following code:

&workflowserver.Connect('<user>', '<password>')
&workflowUser = &workflowserver.GetOrganizationalModel().GetUserByName(&user)    
&workflowUser2 = &workflowserver.GetOrganizationalModel().GetUserByName(&substitute)
&workflowUser.SetOutOfOffice(&startDate, &returnDate,"",&workflowUser2)

Where the data types variables are as follows:

&WorkflowServer – WorkflowServer
&workflowUser  – WorkflowUser 
&workflowUser2 – WorkflowUser
&startDate – Date
&returnDate – Date
&user – WorkflowName
&substitute – WorkflowName

The &startDate variable must be equal to today's date; otherwise, the user will not be set as out of office.

You can change the user's status to "in office" with the method WorkflowUser.DisableOutOfOffice()

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