HowTo: Start a GXflow process from outside the inbox

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In most cases, it is useful to start a process from outside the GXflow inbox. This article shows you the basics for doing it.

Note: the following code does not control for errors to avoid complexity.
//Connect to workflow and start the process
&WFsession.Connect('<user>', '<password>')
&process = &WFSession.GetProcessDefinitionByName('<the value of the qualified name property of the activity diagram>')
&processInstance = &process.CreateInstance()
&processInstance.Subject = '<set the subject for the inbox if you want>'

//Set your application data
&WFApplicationData = &processInstance.GetApplicationDataByName('<your application data name>')
&WFApplicationData.NumericValue = <the id of whatever you are processing in the workflow process>

//If you stop here, somebody can go to the inbox and the task will appear there, but if you want to run the first task now, you have to invoke it:
&activity = &process.GetActivityByName('<the name of your first task>')
&workItem = &processInstance.GetWorkitemByActivity(&activity) 
call(<your first activity object> ,&process,&processInstance,&workItem)

Note: in this case, it is necessary to perform a Commit to actually start the process. Be aware that when using any of the Workflow APIs exclusively, GeneXus doesn't commit automatically. So, performing a commit is always required in order for changes to take place. Also, take into consideration the LUW, when using the Workflow Data Types, to properly manage data.

The variables are defined as follows:

&WFSession = WorkflowServer
&Process = WorkflowProcessDefinition
&WFApplicationData = WorkflowApplicationData
&Activity = WorkflowActivity
&processInstance = WorkflowProcessInstance

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