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Some of the benefits you get from applying BPM (Business Process Management) are:

  1. Performing an introspective analysis of how tasks are carried out allows you to detect things that are not being done in a manner that is best for maximizing results.
  2. Documenting its processes allows the organization visibility and transparency, and thus improves communications between actors, as it speeds up the transfer of information in the various stages.
  3. When you know processes in and out, you are able to measure the impact of changes, either meant for optimizing or determined by the business, since you can gauge the risk and cost implied in applying those changes.
  4. Having a greater control, with the possibility of knowing the status of processes at any time, to act proactively, for instance in delegating work or reassigning tasks that have not been processed yet.
  5. Increasing productivity due to the possibility of knowing, at all times, the status of a process and who are handling tasks at a given time.

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