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This article is an overview of GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 7 features (compared to Upgrade 6) and what needs to be taken into account in order to adopt it.



GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 7 ships improvements and bug fixes.

Knowledge Base Navigator

  • Support for any URL shortcuts to indicate an entry point 
    For more information see SAC 39034

Offline apps

  • New method ResetOfflineDatabase() for Synchronization API, to restore the local database to its initial state.

GeneXus Cloud Deployment Services


  • Controls (Edit, table, etc) in panels must have not empty names (Controlname property). This may affect patterns that create objects with controls. 
    E.g: Note for Dvelop's Workwith Plus pattern users: Workwith Plus version 8.2.19 or higher is required.

  • For JAVA generator, the Xerces library isn't included in the gxclassr any more, it's distributed in an independent jar. See SAC #39176 for more details.

Compatibility Notes for X Evolution 3 Upgrade 4 or prior Users

Please refer to GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 6 too.

Other Details

Please refer to this PDF articles with details:,,,4938;;

Preview Channel

Before releasing, previews are available in the Preview Channel: GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 7 Preview.

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