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SAP® AG hereby confirms that the interface software GX ERP Connector 1.0 for the product GeneXus ERP Explorer and Connector 1.0 Of the 
company GeneXus International has been certified for integration with [,|SAP ERP 6.0 ] on SAP HANA® via SAP integration scenario BOR-API 
(SAP WEB AS 7.40 OH).

SAP is one of the main world-class ERPs. The companies where this software is implemented often find that it does not cover all of the company’s functionalities. This happens either because the company has specific features in its business that are not considered in SAP, or because the company would rather preserve its legacy system to solve it.

This relates to several scenarios that may be solved with GeneXus, including:

  • Companies that already have GeneXus development and will implement SAP but want to preserve some GeneXus module.
  • Companies that have SAP and its implementation did not include some business processes that are later to be automated. With the arrival of Smart Devices to the corporate world, this category could include developments for integrating mobility into business processes).
  • SAP implementations where it is defined that some modules are not to be included in the SAP scope and will be developed separately during the implementation process.

To allow this in GeneXus as naturally and transparently as possible, we have developed the GeneXus for SAP System: SAP BAPI Import feature (technically known as GeneXus ERP Connector).


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