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The GeneXus™ ERP Connector tool comes preinstalled with GeneXus™ from X Evolution 3 Upgrade 4 or higher and must be installed as an Extension for previous versions (GeneXus™ X Evolution 3 Upgrade 3).


To execute GeneXus™ ERP Connector, you need GeneXus™ X Evolution 3 Upgrade 3 (or higher) and SAP Connector for Microsoft .NET installed. Even when it is not distributed with GeneXus™ or with GeneXus™ ERP Connector, everyone with an SAP license will have this connector.

Below are the necessary DLL files ( or higher, 32 bits compiled with .NET Framework 2.0, from GX 15 U1 or up you need the dlls compiled with .NET Framework 4.0):

These two DLL files must be copied to the installation directory of GeneXus™ ERP Connector when the tool is used in standalone mode, or to the root installation directory of GeneXus™ when it is used as an extension.

To be able to call a BAPI using the RFC protocol, the SAP user should have at least the SAP_S_RFCACL role.

Pay attention also to the TCP/IP ports used by SAP applications, specifically to ports 36<NN>, 32<NN>, and 33<NN> where <NN> represents the SAP Instance Number.

Installation process

To install GeneXus™ ERP Connector, all you need is to download the extension GeneXus™ ERP Connector from GeneXus™ Marketplace and execute it.

Step 1. Welcome to the wizard:


Step 2. Select the GeneXus installation directory:


Step 3. Click on Next to start the installation process:


Step 4. The installation process begins:


Step 5. GeneXus ERP Connector is installed, and you can choose to run GeneXus or finish the process.



Once GeneXus ERP Connector for SAP is installed, you must request a license through GeneXus License Manager.

You will find the product to authorize with the name "GX ERP Connector."

If you try to run, from inside GeneXus™, the option "Tools/Application Integration/SAP BAPI Import" without having a GeneXus ERP Connector license, the message "Enterprise Inspector License Not Found" will be displayed.

Prototyping Cycle

If you are using the C# generator, you will need to copy sapnco.dll and sapnco_utils.dll files to the TargetEnvironment\web\bin\ folder.
For the Java environment, make sure to add sapjco3.jar to the classpath; next, follow the Connector instructions for further detail.


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