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Before invoking a BAPI via RFC, GeneXus applications must be connected to the SAP server where it is located.

An External Object called GXEnterpriseSessionManager is provided to make the connection.

The first time a BAPI is imported, GeneXus ERP Connector automatically generates this External Object.

GXEnterpriseSessionManager has a Connect method and the following parameters:

UserName Char(40) SAP user to be used in the connection
Password Char(40) User's password
InstanceNumber  Char(10) Instance number within the server
AppServer Char(512)  Name of SAP application server to which we will be connecting 
RouterString Char(512) IP of SAP server
ClientNumber Char(10) Number of SAP client
SystemId Char(10) Identifier of the SAP system to be connected
SessionName Char(40) Name that the connection will receive
ErrorCode Num(5.0) Error code when attempting to connect
ErrorMessage Char(255) Error message when attempting to connect


The connection can be made as shown below (&SAPSessionManager is a variable based on GXEnterpriseSessionManager):

&SAPSessionManager.AppServer      = "<SAPServer>"
&SAPSessionManager.ClientNumber   = "<ClientIdNumber>"
&SAPSessionManager.RouterString   = "/H/<RouterString>/S/<Port>/H/"
&SAPSessionManager.SystemId       = "<SystemIdentification>"
&SAPSessionManager.InstanceNumber = "<SystemNumber>"
&SAPSessionManager.SessionName    = "<AnyStirng>"
&SAPSessionManager.UserName       = "<SAPUser>"
&SAPSessionManager.Password       = "<SAPPassword>"

if &SAPSessionManager.ErrorCode.IsEmpty()
  msg('Log in error ' + &SAPSessionManager.ErrorCode.ToString() + ': ' + &SAPSessionManager.ErrorMessage)

This connection option allows changing, at any time during runtime, the user and SAP server used by the application to connect.

Using a SAP Destination to connect

In SAP BTP, destinations are used to define connections for outbound communication from your application to remote systems that can be on-premises or in the cloud.

A destination has a name, a URL, authentication details, and some other configuration details.

From GeneXus v18 U3 onwards (only Java), GXEnterpriseSessionManager has a ConnectSesion method with the following parameters:

Session Char(255) (Access Type: In) SAP Destination Name
Scope Char(255) (Access Type: In) Dummy, you can leave it blank

Insted of set all the connection data you only have to indicate the name of the Destination.

&GXEnterpriseSessionManager.ConnectSession("<DestinationName>", "")

Operatin Commit

Some BAPIs do not run a database Commit, which means that the application must trigger the Commit so that the changes are read to the database

Example code with BAPI SalesOrder (using method CreateFromDat2)



if <no error>

Where &GXEnterpriseSessionManager is of GXEnterpriseSessionManager type (External Object) and

&SalesOrder is of BUS2032 type (contains BAPI methods imported).

Both are external objects automatically added  by GeneXus when the selected BAPI is imported.

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