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To generate and run your application using GeneXus .Net Framework generator, you need the SAP Connector for Microsoft .NET DLL (free of charge for SAP Customers and SAP Partners).
Even though to use the GeneXus ERP connector in the GeneXus IDE you must use the 32-bit version of the DLL, in the generated application you can use the 32-bit DLL or the 64-bit DLL.

From SAP Connector for Microsoft .NET ( or higher, 32/64 bits), you must copy the sapnco.dll and sapnco_utils.dll to the bin directory of your application.

When using the 32-bit SAP Connector for Microsoft .NET DLL, you must set the "Enable 32 bits applications" property to true for the Application pool used by your Web Application in the IIS.

Temporal limitation: not supported at the moment in .Net generator (ex .Net core)


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