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09/09/2015 - GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 4 has been released! (build 94353) 

GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 4 previews are part of the releasing process of Upgrade 4. They are intended to round up Upgrade 4 and facilitate adoption once released.

Features and compatibility information

Refer to GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 4


Build 94353 (September 9)

  • update Theme Editor version information

Build 94304 (September 6)

  • fix: Web: fixed scrolling in html5

Build 94246 (September 4)

  • fix: Web: fixed scrolling / size of prompts

Build 94165 (September 3)

  • minor fix in GXflow preferences (size of combo boxes).

Build 94150 (September 2)

  • fix: .NET web: web.config creation fixed for machines with windows 10 & spanish
  • fix: SQL generation for formulas with "true" conditions fixed. (e.g. max(Att1,true,0,Att2))
  • fix: Android: fix to coordinates calculations in ImageMap
  • fix: fix to "cursor name is ambiguous" case

Build 94030 (August 30)

  • new: Web: SAC 37193 new properties Selected Row Class and Hover Row Class in class Grid
  • fix: IDE: Some properties in Abstract Layout were set to 100%% instead of 100%
  • fix: IDE: translation improvements for Japanese
  • fix: Web: SAC 38361 new lines could not be added in edit box with multiple lines using CTRL+ENTER
  • fix: GXflow: improvements in translations
  • fix: .net, java: httpclient didn't take into account the charset of the response
  • fix: java: gxclassp.jar included old classes for printing (affected GX Web Start)
  • fix: SAC 35514 conversion of sdt to json with Date or Datetime.
  • fix: control with FCK Editor couldn't be set readonly

Build 93887 (August 28)
NOTE: This build is binary equivalent to build 94140. (Numbering may be confusing due to internal SVN branching issues)

Build 94140 (August 23)

  • fix to grids with dates and gxui
  • fix to check boxes in Ruby
  • fix to merging tables in bring changes
  • fix: SQL04018 with conditions like date.month() = &date.month() in DB2

Build 94030 (August 20)

  • fix: .NET general exception reading SQL records (side effect of fix in build 93995)
  • fix: Smart devices Dynamic calls didn't work with SDT parameters (fix in REST services)
  • fix: Import of SDTs on form in Work Panel
  • fix: related to scroll in grid while loading, in .NET

Build 93995 (August 19)

  • New methods MarkAs(read / unread) and Delete in Exchange Api
  • fix: Autorefresh was not working with checkbox filters
  • fix: System.OverflowException: Conversion overflows, reading big numbers in SQL
  • Fix: HorizontalAlign to be available as runtime property

Build 93865 (August 15)

  • new: support for Login in Facebook using graph api 2.4
  • fix: isvalid on radiobutton wasn't working
  • fix to google maps sizing in web
  • fix to check boxes in grids with custom render
  • fix: default rule that depends on formula didn't work
  • fix: .NET, to formulas using oracle dataprovider

Build 93784 (August 13)

  • fix: Web: cell class was not being generated if it hadn't an ID
  • fix: Web: missing hspace and vspace properties 
  • fix: Build: stack overflow exception in msbuild.exe 

Build 93759 (August 12)

  • fix: Web: in some cases events of UCs were not executed
  • fix: Web: filters didn't work well in some particular case
  • fix: Web: fix related to label position = none
  • fix: java: WSDL of BC exposed as soap service wasn't correct
  • fix: editing in a grid based on SDT and with paging didn't work
  • fix: java: change to not use getRealPath() anymore so that wars that aren't unpacked work
  • fix: synchronization issue related to BCs in modules, and another related to delete of BCs
  • fix: IDE: fix to abstract editorr related to column style

Build 93653 (August 9)

  • fix: SAC 32841 related to suggest on foreign key
  • fix: BPM crash when impacting diagrams Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) 
  • fix to WSDL import related to schemas with complextype
  • fix to formulas in DB2 / DB2 for iSeries
  • fix: SAC 38082 Value of control was not correct in event executed via function key
  • fix: SAC 37846 Android: some synchronization conflicts solved
  • fix: specifier build number in navigation view was not correct
  • fixes to smooth and RWD
  • fix: Web notifications didn't work
  • fixes to GXserver and Team Development dialog

Build 93578 (August 7)

  • Web: popup header fixed
  • Web: fix to return command in Web Components using IE 7 or compatibility mode
  • .NET: Web notifications didn't work
  • .NET: text mode reports were printing BOM
  • .NET: connection issue related to database name and user name fixed
  • Java: BCs exposed as SOAP Services didn't compile when using native implementation
  • SD: Offline local blob file didn't were uploaded correctly in Synchronization.Send()
  • iOS: Login with Google, Facebook or Twitter (when connecting via Web view) fixed
  • GAM: deploy tool were encrypting connection.gam twice

Build 93445

Released: August 5th, 2015

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