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Summer Reading is a Responsive Web Applications sample generated using GeneXus 15.

For any type of business, consider a scenario where you need to give the end user the possibility of searching using different patterns, and getting the results in an ordered way as well as viewing the search results detail. It can be a book shop, a pharmacy, or scholarship data, etc.

The application interface resembles a web console and is based on the Carmine Theme.

Application Captures



GeneXus features

Feature KB version Objects Comments
Responsive Web Design in GeneXus Trunk    
Configuring control effects in WEB apps Trunk    

Main Objects of the application

Console main object: MainConsolePanel

Front end main object: MainPage


Requirements to run this sample

Download and install: Responsive Carousel.

Summer Reading in action!

Web View Summer Reading


The following link may help you if you don't know the steps to test a feature or build the application to see it in action: HowTo: Take advantage of a KB referenced in this wiki.


This KB has been developed and designed for GeneXus 15.


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