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Android SDK Directory

Specifies the path where the Android SDK is located in the local file system.

JDK Directory

Specifies the path where the JDK is located in the local file system.

Copy APK To Cloud

Specifies whether or not we want the generated app's APK to be uploaded to the Cloud when using Deploy to Cloud.
The default value for this property is True.

MultiDex Build in Android

Refer to Multidex Build property for more information.

Gradle Options

Specifies additional flags that can be passed to Gradle (the build system used to compile Android).
This property is for advanced developers only and it is their responsibility its right usage.

By default has the following command

--deamon --parallel -Dorg.gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx$(ALLOC_SIZE)m

Where $(ALLOC_SIZE) is 2048. To disable this behavior simply remove '--daemon' flag.

  Flag Description


Indicates the usage of gradle's daemon. This speeds up following builds significantly.

  --parallel Indicates to execute build task in parallel (i.e. compile mains projects in parallel).


Indicates the JVM arguments to be used by the daemon process.
Possible arguments can be found here.
In particular, '-Xmx2048m' sets the maximum amount of memory that is able to allocate for Gradle Daemon. Android's Gradle plugin will use a special option DexInProcess when Gradle's daemon VM has enough memory allocated to speed up its build time significantly.
Note: When the Multidex Build property is enabled, the amount of memory required to enable dexInProcess increases by 1GB (since this property modifies the javaMaxHeapSize default value).
          As a consequence, when Multidex Build property is set to True, the $(ALLOC_SIZE) is set to 3GB. Otherwise, the value used is 2GB.


Application Signing

Name Description

Key Store File

Path to the keystore file (i.e. a binary file that contains a set of private keys).

Key Alias

Private key alias

Store Password

Keystore's password

Key Password

Private key's password

Android Maps API

Learn more

Android Maps API Key

Learn more

Further details on each field can be found here. Also see HowTo: Publish an application in Google Play.


In Application Billing

Name Description

App public key

This is the Base64-encoded public key generated by Google Play of your app. For more information see Implementing In-App Billing



As a way to proof numerically the performance improvement, the next table shows the build times for Sales KB

Enable Gradle Deamon False True

First build

105 s

50 s

Incremental build

11 s

9 s


Android generator

Only for advanced users.


Custom name for the generator. By default is "Android"


Data Access Information

Build Process

  • Classpath
    Environment variable to include *.jar and directories dependencies. Learn more
  • Base Classpath
    Environment variable to include *.jar and directories dependencies generated from a Module. Learn more.
  • Compiler Path
    Path to java compiler binary (javac.exe).
  • Interpreter Path
     Path to java interpreter binary (java.exe).



  • When DexInProcess is enabled, the output shows a sequence of messages as following
    Merged dex #<number> (<number_of_def> defs / <amount_data>KiB)
    When It is not enabled, an informative message It will be shown.
  • Multidex Build property, Application Signing group and In Application Billing group are relocated to Native Mobile Main object properties as of GeneXus 15 Upgrade 5


This set of properties is available as from GeneXus 15
It might be differences with previous versions.

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