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An *.ipa file is used to package iOS applications and then redistributed it through your end users, either internally for testing purposes while is on development or by the store platform (or outside of it) when the app is in production. GeneXus offers the Execution Type property which automatically(1) generates this file, but sometimes you may want to generate it manually. This article shows you the steps to follow in order to achieve this second scenario.

Step 1. Open the XCode project

Locate the generated XCode project on your Mac computer and open the *.xcodeproj file.
IPA from XCCode - 1

Step 2. Select the destination scheme

In XCode, select Product > Destination and then choose Generic iOS Device option (in the step ).
IPA from XCCode - 2

Step 3. Archive the project

The previous action will enable the Product > Archive option. Choose them and proceed to export the project as an *.ipa file.
IPA from XCCode - 3

Step 4. Export the binary file

After select Archive option, a dialog will be displayed. Ensure selecting the latest version of your app and click on the "Export..." button on the right side.
IPA from XCCode - 4.1

This action will display another dialog where you must select the distribution mode for building the *.ipa file and click "Next".
IPA from XCCode - 4.2

Option What it is for
Save for iOS App Store Deployment  Used for uploading the application in the AppStore platform.
Save for Ad Hoc Depoyment Used for distributing the application internally by using TestFlight. It's mandatory to use an Enterprise account.
Save for Enterprise Deployment Used for distributing the application outside the AppStore. It's mandatory to use an Enterprise account.
Save for Development Deployment Used for distributing the application internally while it is in development (i.e. for internal testing). Only those devices associated with the regular development profile with which the application has been signed can install it. 

Step 5. Signing, restrictions, and summary

Once you have selected the building mode, XCode will ask you for your Team Development ID.

IPA from XCCode - 5.1

After processing your options, XCode allows you to select which kind of devices can install the app.
IPA from XCCode - 5.2

Once XCode finished building, it will get you a summary of the complete process. Simply click "Next" and the process will finish.
IPA from XCCode - 5.3

Step 6. Choose the destination and save

Finally, select the target directory where the *.ipa file will be saved and click on "Export" button.
IPA from XCCode - 6.1

This action will create a directory on the destination with the *.ipa file of your iOS application.
IPA from XCCode - 6.2

Note(1) For GeneXus 15 U1, U2, U3, U4 and as of GeneXus X Evolution 3 U11 it's necessary to follow this instructions due the unavailability of the IPA generation values for Execution Type property.

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