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UseAbsoluteUrlByEnvironment is a GAM Application property.
Its purpose is to allow determining the way in which the URL of all the following features will be set up.


In some cases, absolute URLs should be used. In these cases, the data used to set up the URL (Host, Port, Protocol, Virtual Directory) is taken from the Environment settings of the GAM Application.

So, configure "Use Absolute Url By Environment" for the GAM Application.


Next, go to the Environment settings and configure the necessary settings.



The Package and Extension settings are always considered, regardless of the UseAbsoluteUrlByEnvironment property value.


It accepts GAMBoolean values.

True The Environment settings (Host, Port, Protocol, Virtual Directory) are considered to build the URL.
False The URL is relative, so the settings mentioned above are not considered. This is the default value.


&Application.UseAbsoluteUrlByEnvironment = &UseAbsoluteUrlByEnvironment //&Application is GAM Application data type.

Environment Settings Initialization

The Application Environment Settings are initialized at two different times:

  1. In the GAM Application's Registration (it can be done through the GAM options in GeneXus toolbar or in a Build operation).
  2. At runtime. If an Application lacks the Environment Settings configuration (or if it's being created), it is completed using the settings of the context where it runs.

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