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This article shows some differences and helps to disambiguate or understand some terms that you may find in articles related to GeneXus Web

Platforms Support

GeneXus Web runs on any modern browser, any device (*); GeneXus IDE runs on Windows only.

(*) UX is not thought for Phones or Tablets yet, though on Tablets (>=10") you may already be able to navigate through IDE & KBs, etc.


GeneXus Web is cloud-based. It uses all the power of the cloud to store your workspace, Knowledge bases, and programs. To build (specify, generate, compile) and run your apps. It requires you to be online.
GeneXus IDE uses the power of your desktop or laptop. It stores the KB and programs locally, it builds all locally and lets you choose whether you want to deploy locally or to the cloud. It doesn't require you to be online.

Language and Design

GeneXus Web provides an improved language for describing business objects and queries. You can code writing text or use rich editors, you are always assisted with the latest techniques for the highest Developer Experience. The traditional GeneXus IDE puts more emphasis on rich editors and drag & drop. 

UX & Dark

GeneXus Web is Dark. GeneXus IDE isn't (although you can customize its style).
We are working to base GeneXus Web's design system on Gemini, a design system that is specific for IDEs


GeneXus Web is not a complete IDE yet; as of November 2021, you cannot create Language Objects or apply Patterns provided by third parties yet, for example.

GeneXus Web missing features

This is a list of some things you may still miss on this IDE

  • Create & Edit these objects
    • Language, Unit Test, UI Test, Diagram, Deployment Unit, API, URL Rewrite
  • Other missing Tool windows
    • Comparer
    • Versions
    • Indexer
    • Search
    • Deployment
    • References
  • Tools Menu
    • All Inspectors (except Sketch import), Reverse Engineering, GAM tools, etc
  • Build Menu
    • Deploy, Export Reorganization

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