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This Structured Data Type is automatically provided by GeneXus when a new Knowledge Base is created. It contains a collection of messages, each of them with an identifier, a type, and a description. This collection is meant to allow access to the messages issued during the execution.


  • Message: Collection

    • Id: Character(128)
      A message identifier.

    • Error: MessageType
      An error type.

    • Description: Character(256)
      A description of the message.


  • As a best-practice, you can use this SDT for triggering and handling errors, even for debugging.
  • For the GeneXus standard messages, the "Id" is ever in English, no matter the model configured language.
  • Procedures with a &Messages out parm rule called from Smart Device object will behave automatically as follows:
    - If the &Messages have an item with Type filed of MessageType.Error, it will display a msg() (or alert).
    - If the &Messages have an item with Type field of Message.Warning or Message.Info, it will display a msg(,nowait) (or toast message).

MessageType domain

Enumerated domain with the following values:

Error An error message.
Warning  A warning message.
Info An informational message.
Debug A debug message.


Platforms  Web(Java,.NET,.NETCore), SmartDevices(Android,iOS)


This Structured Data Type is available as of GeneXus X Evolution 1.

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