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Only the project owner can assign people who can translate and/or approve translations.

If the project is public, any person who accesses the Collaborative Translations Tool can collaborate entering translations.
If the project is private, only people assigned by the project owner can enter translations.
Can approve translations only people assigned by the project owner for this task.

How to assign permissions to translate and/or approve translations for a project?

To assign permissions to a project, the project owner has to do the following: click on the Projects option from the main menu > in the grid containing the projects, for the corresponding project, click on the Permissions option.

If there are defined permissions, they are listed.

To assign permission, click on the Insert button.
You must provide the following information:

  • Username: is the GeneXus Account username. If the person does not have one, he/she can create it by accessing the URL:
    To be able to assign a person to a project, the person must have logged in once in the Collaborative Translations Tool.
  • Permission: Select the permission to assign. It can be Translator or Approver.

By pressing the Confirm button the permission is assigned.

To remove defined permission, in the grid containing the permissions, click on the Delete option for the corresponding username and permission. To delete it, you have to confirm this action.

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