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This article groups some special considerations and references for building, deploying, and running applications in containerized environments.

The most popular containerization ecosystems are Docker and Kubernetes (Docker as a containerization layer and K8N as an orchestration layer). Most cloud providers provide platforms with containerization or orchestration layers based on those technologies or others (eg.: AWS ECS, AWS Fargate)


While creating your application with GeneXus, several aspects have to be taken into account. When the applications run in a containerized ecosystem, they scale horizontally and run behind a load balancer, so take into account these Load balancing considerations.


To deploy applications, GeneXus provides a tool window and also MSBuild tasks to deploy the application to Docker containers.

Stateless vs Stateful

Most containerized environments are by default stateless, but they also have configuration options for Session state handling.
Note that Stateful does not mean a loss in performance: Read Stateless vs Statefull for more information.

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