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The GeoCity Knowledge Base contains examples that show how to use Maps in Native Mobile Applications and an example of Smart Cities Applications.

You can create a new Knowledge Base based on this KB and then explore the implementation of each sample.

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This version is based on Open Data of the city of Montevideo. To create your own GeoCity for your city, search for Open Data and modify the Procedures and Data Providers located in the "Input Data" folder. The set of objects stored in the "Generic" folder are there to document the different ways available to populate Geography Data. 
For it to work properly, run the InitDB Procedure and then the GeoCity Panel object.

To host this application locally, you must set a valid Google API key in two places: 

Check HowTo: Get an API Key from Google

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To generate this Knowledge Base, you need GeneXus 17 Upgrade 6 or higher.

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