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The following is a table that helps troubleshooting some errors that can be thrown when using Azure Cosmos DB.

Error Explain Details/Actions
CosmosDB Execution failed. Status code:
BadRequest. Message: Response status code does not indicate success:
Reason:(Message:{"Errors":["The order by query does not have a corresponding index that it can be served from."]}
"Order by" is supported only if it exists an index. See here.

GeneXus infers an index to be used, according to what is explained in Order clause.

You can see at the Navigation report which is the index to be taken.

Create the index at Cosmos DB to avoid the error (ref)

ApplicationRegion configuration '' is not a valid Azure region or the current SDK version does not recognize it. The ApplicationRegion must be specified at the connection string. See Azure Cosmos DB external data store.
NotFound (404);
Reason: (Message: {"Errors":["Owner resource does not exist"]}
The connection string is not valid, either the database or the container does not exist.  
CosmosDB Execution failed. Status code: NotFound.
Message: Response status code does not indicate success: NotFound (404); Reason:(Message:{"Errors":["Resource Not Found.Learn more:https:\/\/\/cosmosdb-tsg-not-found"]}
The container was not found.  
Status code: BadRequest. BadRequest (400);
Message: {"Errors":["PartitionKey extracted from document doesn't match the one specified in the header. Learn more: https:\/\/\/CosmosDB\/sql\/errors\/wrong-pk-value"]}
The PartitionKey taken for the requests does not match with the PartitionKey defined at the container. The Partition Key taken for each request is the second attribute of the Primary Key (if it's a composite PK), otherwise, the first attribute is taken.
In this last case, the id is equal to the PartitionKey.
Partitionkey can be double, bool or string. Azure CosmosDB supports double, bool or string partition keys only. By now NET generator does not support double data type for the partition key.  


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