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The WSDL Inspector allows you to define, from the WSDL of a web service, an External Object of the WSDL type and the required data types in GeneXus to use the web service in a transparent manner, without worrying about the protocols involved in the process and its definition.

Step 1:

Access the WSDL Import wizard through Tools/Application integration and indicate the WSDL path:

WSDL Import Step 1

Step 2:

Indicate the name to be given to the External Object (EO), its description, folder and prefix.

WSDL Import Step 2

Finally, all the information related to the WS that is obtained from the WSDL is displayed.

WSDL Import Step 3

Once we've done the import, we'll have created the EO of the WSDL type with all the properties required to use it.
For further information see: External Object: WSDL (Web Service)

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