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This property is used to specify:

  • the color of the cells (excel cells).
  • the color in the rules (transactions and work panels).

Syntax (in runtime for Excel Cells)


Type Returned:


In runtime for Excel cells

Positive Value: The Excel color index number corresponding to the number indicated will be taken as the value. Ref.
Negative Value (except –1): The color number in the RGB scheme corresponding to the absolute number indicated will be the value taken (i.e.: as a value returned by the RGB function).
-1: The default color defined by Excel will be taken.

For ExcelSpreadSheet data type methods return a ExcelColor data type

In the Color property for transactions and work panels.

Default to color rule: specify the default value specified in the Options command menu.
Any other color of the possibles.


If there are cells with different colors in the ExcelCells object, this property will return a 0.


Extended Data Types: ExcelCells,ExcelBorderStyle data typeExcelFont Data Type Transactions, Work Panels
Languages: .NET, Java

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