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Nowadays, the concept of extensibility is a must in every development platform. In the software area, extensibility means that the product is designed to include hooks and mechanisms for expanding/enhancing its capabilities. Thanks to its new architecture, GeneXus is a highly extensible development platform allowing extensibility at 3 different levels:

  • User Controls: allow adding new web controls to generated applications.
  • Extensions: allow IDE extensibility
  • Patterns: provide an easy way of creating new patterns.

In conclusion, GeneXus (since version X) allows integrating third-party features to the IDE and end applications, boosting development productivity and generating high quality applications in a extremely easy way.

User Controls

The Web 2.0 wave born with AJAX some years ago and followed by the development and growth of new technologies like Javascript, Silverligth and Flash have forced developers to create more attractive applications with high levels of usability in order to satisfy customers needs. These technologies have arrived with new web controls for creating incredible user interfaces. Fortunately, GeneXus X offers the possibility of including your own controls (third party controls) and having them available from GeneXus IDE as if they were just another control. That mechanism is what we call User Controls and undoubtedly, this extensibility of GeneXus X facilitates the creation of applications that are stronger, richer and more attractive for the end user.


ImageGallery User Control picture1


Silverlight FishEye Menu Control picture 1



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External Objects

External Objects (EO) allow you to access external resources from the KB as if they were just another object. These external resources can be native classes of the language, assemblies (.dll) if they are developed in NET or classes (.class) in the case of Java, they can be Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Stored Procedures (SP), or Web Services (WS).

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Take a minute to answer this question: Taking into account that the international scene of application development is changing all the time, how would you create a development environment able to adapt itself to new situations you cannot foresee? The general answer would be: create an extensible developer environment allowing other people to create "addins" to manage those "new situations". The answer of GeneXus X is: GXExtensions.

GXExtensions is the mechanism that developers will use to add new functionalities to the GeneXus IDE. The GeneXus X development environment is actually a generic, extensible IDE so new modules can be added to provide specific functionality. In order to accomplish this, developers would need to use the GeneXus Platform SDK.

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As you probably know, Patterns are intended to solve problems that occur over and over again in an automatic way. That automation increases productivity at incredible levels. Although GeneXus X already has some ready to use built-in patterns, developers can create their own patterns for solving new problems. Come and see all the new benefits that GeneXus X has introduced for creating new patterns and also the new facilities in pattern usage!

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GeneXus Marketplace

The GeneXus Marketplace is the place where the GeneXus Community can share and extend the Genexus platform.

More information at GeneXus Marketplace Guide.

GeneXus Platform Program

You are invited to

  • Become a Platform Partner and build GeneXus with us
  • Show your skills developing tools that extend and enhance GeneXus
  • Customize and extend your GeneXus with extensibility products from our Platform Partners

Join it!


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