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The following features improve Business Components in GeneXus X, and provide more and more productivity.

Data Provider and Business Component

When a transaction is defined as Business Component (by setting its Business Component property = True), you can drag the transaction from the Folder View to a Data Provider source (instead of dragging an SDT), with the purpose of using the Data Provider to load and return an instance or a collection of instances with the same structure as the transaction, in memory. After having the Data provider result, we have to save the instance loaded in memory in the database (by executing the Save method and finally the commit command) or runing through the collection in memory, save each instance and finally execute the commit command.

To study this topic, please refer to the following video:

Start Video Interesting features for Business Components since GeneXus X


Full text Search and Business Component

The SearchResultItem data type can be passed as parameter of the load method of a Business Component. So, if the type of a result item is a BC Transaction (e.g Customer), you can code:

    if &SearchResultItem.Type = "Customer" 

For more information please refer to Full Text Search Data Types


Business Component exposed as webservice

Please refer to:

Business Component - Publication as Web Service

Business Component - Publication as an Enterprise Java Bean



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