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Sets an object as main object, which means it can be executed as a standalone application.




Objects: Procedure, Web Panel, Transaction, Panel, Menu, Work With
Generators: Android, Angular, Apple, Java, .NET, .NET Core


Default value: False.

Defines an object as Main. This has a different meaning depending on the platform:

  • An executable file will be generated for C# Windows environments containing all other objects called directly or indirectly by it. When a main object is called from another object, GeneXus generates a call to an executable file.
  • A class containing a main method will be generated for Java Windows environments, making it a possible entry point for the application.
  • In Web environments, it depends on the Call protocol property.
  • For Panel objects, it will create an installable application on the selected platform.

Runtime/Design time

This property applies only at design-time.

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