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Loads a new line to the Grid.




Objects: Web Panel, Work Panel
Controls: Grid control
Generators: .NET, .NET Framework, Java, Ruby (up to GeneXus X Evolution 3), Visual FoxPro (up to GeneXus X Evolution 3)


Event Grid1.Load
    For each InvCode
        &InvCode = InvCode
        &InvDat = InvDate
        &Type = "INV"
        grid1.Load( ) 

This method is very useful when you have more than one Grid in the form. In this case, you need to specify to which Grid the line is loaded:

Grid1.Load( ) or Grid2.Load( )


  • For Win applications, this method applies to the Grid.Load Event.
  • In case of Web applications, the Load method is allowed in user events. SeeLoad Command and Load Method in User Events for more details.
  • For SD applications, this method is not offered nor allowed. You only can use the Load command .

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