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Determines whether a control is visible or hidden.


control. Visible

Type returned: Boolean




Controls: All


At design time, this property is offered for controls included inside a grid (except Transactions' grids).

At runtime, you can set it for several controls (like buttons, images, attributes/variables, etc.)
For example:

  • Set to True or 1 to make the control visible.
  • Set to False or 0 to make the control invisible.

Once a control has been made “invisible” (control.Visible = 0) it stays this way until you make it visible again (control.Visible = 1).

Runtime/Design time

This property applies both at run-time and at design-time.


To show or hide the Customer’s photo in a Transaction named Customer, depending on the customer's category, you have to define the following rules:

CustomerPhoto.Visible = 0 if CategoryId = 2;
CustomerPhoto.Visible = 1 if CategoryId <> 2;

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