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Uses type controls to check whether expressions, conditions, formulas and rules are valid.


No If you select NO for Check Type errors, the error message will be shown as warning during specification, which will allow you to continue with program generation.
Yes When an expession is not valid (i.e: type mismatch, property not available for some control/platform, etc), the object's navigation will be shown an error message. This is the default value.


You can define whether you want to display Error or Warning messages when Type Control is carried out.

The following table shows the message message that can be shown as warning when the property is set to "No".

spc0001 Control/object %1 not found/defined. Is it on the form?
spc0006 %1 objects do not have the ‘%2’ method.
spc0009 Type mismatch in %1: %2.
spc0010 Type mismatch in assignment: %1 = %2 (%3=%4).
spc0011 Type mismatch in rule %1.
spc0017 Expression %1 does not return a value.
spc0018 Property %1 is read only. It cannot be assigned.
spc0050 Inferred subtype %1, cannot be assigned.
spc0075 Operand %1 does not match the data type of %2 in the IN comparison.
spc0076 %1 must be a collection to be used as the right operand in an IN comparison.
spc0077 %1’s data type (%2) is not supported in an IN comparison.
spc0100 Item description in dynamic combo box %1 has an unsupported data type %2.
spc0101 Item value %1 does not match control %2 data type.
spc0109 %1 is (part of) a candidate key. It must be referenced in the transaction’s structure.
spc0112 Item value %1 for control %2 must be Character or VarChar.


Cobol and RPG generators do not allow to show spc0001as "warning".

How to apply changes

To apply changes made by this property, do a Build with this Only of the object.

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