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Controls the keys which are available to switch between fields of a generated program. This exclusively affects the Edit control types (it does not affect Radio Buttons, Combo Boxes, etc).


Passing last char When the last char is reached, it automatically moves to the next control.
Tab, Shift-Tab The forward movement is done with the Tab key, and the Shift-Tab key combination will move backwards. This is the default value.
Enter, Tab, Shift-Tab Similar to Tab, Shift-Tab but upon pressing Enter it moves to the Next control too. Except for controls associated to Enter event or confirm button of a transaction, in those case Enter event is executed and the transaction is confirmed.


Platforms: Web (.Net, Java)


If the focus is on a multiline VarChar Enter event or LongVarChar control confirm button of a transaction, in those case Enter event is executed and the property transaction is set with the value “Enter, Tab, Shift-Tab,” in order to add lines you will have to press Ctrl+Enter.

How to apply changes

To apply the corresponding changes when the property value is configured, execute a Build All.

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