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Ruby generates applications which run on any web server which supports Rack.

In order to facilitate the configuration of some well-known web servers, the "Web Server property" has three possible values:

  • Webrick HTTP Server (GeneXus Evolution 1), or Thin (GeneXus Evolution 2)
  • Apache HTTP Server

1. Applications which run on Webrick or Thin Server (recommended for prototyping)

In case of GeneXus X Evolution 1, the web server used for prototyping is Webrick, and in case of GeneXus X Evolution 2 it´s Thin server.

Configure the Web Server property as shown below:


Web Root Property

Indicates the URL of the web application. By default, Webrick and Thin run on 10080 port.

Note: When Webrick (or Thin depending on which GX version you are working) starts up, it leaves the gxsvc.rb service up which will execute the methods in the server.

2. Application that run on any server that supports Rack

See the following: Linux setup for running Ruby applications using mod-rack

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