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It allows typing the specific JDBC URL in the Custom JDBC URL property.


False It does not enable the Custom JDBC URL property. This is the default value.
True It enables the Custom JDBC URL property.


By choosing Use Custom JDBC URL = “True” you'll be able to type the specific JDBC URL in the Custom JDBC URL property. However, if you choose Use Custom JDBC URL = “False,” GeneXus will put together the JDBC URL, and do that the following properties will be enabled:

  • Database Name, so that the name of the database may be entered.
  • Server Name, so that the server's name or IP address may be entered.
  • Server TCP/IP Port, so that the port for connection with the DBMS is entered. We recommend using the default port for connection with each DBMS.

With these three properties, GeneXus will automatically put together the JDBC URL. In order to do that, it takes into account not only the value of these three properties but also the value selected in the JDBC Driver and DBMS Version properties.

For instance, for SQL Server, if the value of the JDBC Driver property is "jTDS Driver (Type 4)," GeneXus will put together the following URL:


If the value of the JDBC Driver were "Microsoft JDBC Driver (Type 4)," it would put together this other URL:


Other sample JDBC URL strings

// mySQL
// Oracle
// DB2


  • The URL generated depends on each DBMS version.
  • Modifying the Use Custom JDBC URL property depends on the value of the JDBC Driver property, which must be other than "Custom Driver."

How to apply changes

Build any object


Drivers: JDBC
DBMSs: SQL Server, Oracle, iSeries Native, DB2 Universal Database, Informix, PostgreSQL, MySQL

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