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It allows you to select the JDBC driver that you wish to use for the connection to the DBMS. The combo box only offers those drivers available according to the selected DBMS.


JDBC drivers are identified by:

  • JDBC Driver: specifies the driver to be used, eg: com.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver
  • JDBC URL: specifies the information from the database, eg: jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://<server_name>:1433;databaseName=<database_name>;SelectMethod=cursor

If the "Custom Driver" value is chosen in the JDBC Driver property, the Custom JDBC Driver and Custom JDBC URL  properties are enabled so that, in them, said information is entered with the syntax shown in the above examples. Bear in mind that both properties are case sensitive.

If, instead, the "Custom Driver" value is not chosen in the JDBC Driver property, it'll probably be because selecting one of the JDBC Drivers offered will prove more useful. In that case, the Custom JDBC Driver will disappear (because a JDBC Driver was chosen among those offered).

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Drivers: JDBC
DBMSs: SQL Server, Oracle, iSeries Native, DB2 Universal Database, Informix, PostgreSQL, MySQL

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