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GeneXus X Evolution 1 RC 2 has been released!


GeneXus X Evolution 1 RC adds to Beta 2 a GeneXus Server with a brand new User Interface (built with GeneXus X Evolution 1 RC!) and stability making Team Development easy and GXserver a must, a tool you can trust your source control. GeneXus itself added featues and also stability improvements: A lot of fixes have been done making this the best version we released so far and looking forward that, with your help, RTM is just a step ahead.

(If you didn't use any previous beta or alfa of Evolution 1, please refer to GeneXus X Evolution 1.)

Main Features and improvements since Beta 2

Team Development

  • A GeneXus Server with a brand new Web UI from which you can manage KBs, authentication (using GXtechnical or local method), navigate the KBs and visualize its objects, status, commits, updates, etc. Try it at (log in using with your GXTechnical Account).
  • Improved merge algorithms and a lot of stability improvements let us now release a GXserver with a robust core on which you can trust your source control.

Developer Experience

  • Business Intelligence
    • Query Viewer Control (Pivot in web!) can not only be filled with a Query object but also with Data Providers!
    • New enumerated domains have been added so that you can write cleaner code
    • Automatic identification of query axis among selected columns. Of course, you can change the selection (Intelligence + Power are combined)
  • Workflow
    • BPMN (Business Process Management Notation) support gives you more power and expressiveness.
  • Initial Value Property reloaded: It's like the default of Defauls. It is taken into account in reorganizations and applications.
  • Major optimizations in Build Process (Impact Model, Specification, Generation)
  • Webform Editor improvements in usability and performance
  • Source code editor improvements: While you write variables they are automatically defined! So, just keep writing.
  • You can search the GeneXus Help!
  • KB Conversion improvements and overall memory leak fixes let you convert and work even with your biggest KBs using less resources.
  • Version Management:
    • You can compare versions
    • Revert to a previous version.

Enterprise Level Applications

  • Query Viewer: performance for large datasets improved and more options for pivoting in web
  • New GUID Datatype
  • BPMN support let your applications follow processes managed by an engine that follows standards accepted by the whole BPM community, let your applications be world class level ones.
  • Themes
    • A new standalone Theme Editor lets also non developers define more easily the Themes.
    • CSS Custom properties support lets you use all the power of CSS


  • Multiple form Classes support has been added
  • Multiple Generators per Environment support has been improved
  • Fixes and improvements to Text and Win platforms

GeneXus X Evolution 1 RC contains also all features and fixes of GeneXus X Upgrade 4, in other words, it's the best version we have released so far.


  • Java: JDK 1.5 or higher is required.

A detailed list of news and fixes since Beta 2 can also be found in the Night Builds log


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