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GeneXus X Evolution 1 RC 2 has been released and it comes with many news. It requires Full GeneXus licenses that will be automatically provided on request for free exclusively to Beta testers and will be valid through October 15, 2009. 
Not only the free full licenses are exclusive for beta testers but also the support and knowledge exchange through the forum, since registration to the beta test process is closed from now on. 

If you aren't a beta tester check below the section "I'm not a beta tester".

Main Features and improvements since RC

Team Development

  • Select who can access your GXserver Knowledge Base and what he/she can do. Authentication and Authorization support.
  • No need for a GeneXus license to write Knowledge Base documentation. Write Knowledge Base documentation right on the Web.
  • New KB versions can be created online
  • GXserver UI User Experience improvements, permalinks to objects and kbs, etc.
  • Avoid committing local test objects by setting them to be ignored.
  • Undo unwanted changes to objects by reverting them to their original state.
  • GXserver extensibility enhancements.
  • Setup process improvements: Now you can install multiple GXserver Instances and also configure wether it is a 'Secure Instance' or not. See also HowTo: Requiring login in GeneXus Server

Developer Experience

  • Move changes in one version to others in your Knowledge Base. Merge them.
  • Sensible performance improvements in general, and to Patterns, normalization and build processes
  • Business Process Diagram can be printed or saved as an image
  • New "Show in Default Forms" property lets you decide wether a field is added to the default form or not
  • Reorganizations can be deferred with a new parameter "-donotexecute"

Enterprise Level Applications

  • Optimizations to the generated  code (legibility and performance)
  • New Web Controls: FBHoverPanel (Hover Panel á là Facebook) and Scheduler Control and Media Control (what Media? Any Media!)
  • Query Viewer also in Ruby
  • new Ajax security levels and security fixes
  • A new, better and default option to delete lines in transactions
  • Write less and easier when using pop-ups. In/Out parameters are now supported.


We have done a lot of bug fixes to the WIN and TEXT Generators.
GeneXus X Evolution 1 RC 2 contains also all features and fixes of GeneXus X Upgrade 4, in other words, it's the best version we have released so far.


  • GeneXus Server and GeneXus have to be RC 2 or higher

Exclusive Licenses for Beta testers, License Activation

FULL GeneXus X Evolution 1 keys are required. Beta testers receive, on request, free authorization keys that expire on October 15, 2009.
You can ask for licenses using the License Manager (gxlmgr.exe) or just start GeneXus. In the latter case an Authorization Wizard will guide you through the Autorization process in order to get the keys for the products you want to use. 
You can also get the definitive keys of course (uninstalling the ones of previous versions and asking for the new ones). See GeneXus X Evolution 1 Activation (beta testers only) for more details.

GeneXus X Evolution 1 Beta testing subscription is closed

As from now, no new subscriptions to beta test GeneXus X Evolution 1 are allowed and the forum is also closed for new subscriptions. 

I'm not a beta tester of GeneXus X Evolution 1

In this case please download it anyway, uninstall previous version keys if you have,  ask for  new keys and contact your local distributor or Artech to follow up the purchasing process, etc.
To get technical support please refer to 

Take a look at GeneXus X Evolution 1 to read more about this version.


A detailed list of news and fixes since RC can also be found in the Night Builds log

For a quick start:


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