GeneXus X Evolution 2 Beta Night Builds

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UPDATE: If you want to access night builds of GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrades, take a look at Upgrade Previews of GeneXus X Evolution 3 or prior

Build 54798 has been released on March 15th as GeneXus X Evolution 2.




Build 54798 - Available from Tue 13th March, 2012

  • fix: Android Package Name property didn't accept upper case characters
  • fix: License protection dialog showed a GUID instead of a text
  • fix: Send KB to Server option cleared some environment properties in original kb

Build 54767 - Available from Sun 11th March, 2012

GeneXus X Evolution 2 full version keys are required and delivered automatically and exclusively to beta testers.

  • new: Deploy to Cloud now requires GXtechnical User Authentication (read more @ Deploy to cloud: Step by Step)
    • now you can rename the virtual directory name to a friendlier one (if available)
    • .NET apps can be deployed to 
    • Java and ruby apps can be deployed to (port 80 also available for Java which allows you to use Facebook login in java web apps running in this server. )
    • Security: SSL supported in and
    • Full backward compatibility - Just rebuild and deploy (F5) again. App will be deployed to, anyway we recommend to change the "Deploy Server URL" property to or depeding on the generator your're using
  • fix: Android: fixes to getmylocation

Build 54719 - Available from Fri 9th March, 2012

  • fix: Ruby: QRCodes didn't load in developer menu in Internet Explorer
  • fix: BlackBerry: fixes to time handling, scrolls, translation issues
  • fix: .NET compilation issue related to images referenced to developer menu
  • fix: iOS: memory leaks fixed

Build 54651 - Available from Thu 8th March, 2012

  • new: IDE: New option in Menu: View -> Show QR Codes , that opens the Developermenu with ?qrcode parameter
  • new: Web & SD: New Developer Menu that shows not only web objects but also QR Codes for KBN and each Smart Devices app for Android & BlackBerry
  • new: BlackBerry: Geolocation.GetMyLocation() implemented
  • new: Android: Maps can show titlebar
  • new: Specification Optimization: some data providers related to SD forms (list, detail, section) are not generated if form is totally static (has no variables or fields to load, etc.)
  • fix: SD: fixes to start event mechanism
  • fix: Blackberry: fixes to actions and themes
  • fix: iOS: variable call didn't work with procedures
  • fix: iOS and Android: fixes to title bar
  • fix: Android: fix to images scaling
  • fix: Android: app crashed with alpha indexer and multiple orders
  • fix: iOS: fixes to BC on form 
  • fix: Rest Services: fixes to numeric handling in json
  • fix: .NET and Java services weren't compiled when running or building a SD Object
  • fix: .NET: fix to connection pool handling with GAM or procs with "execute in new LWU" property set
  • fix: Standard Messages translation fixes
  • fix: Web: fix to isvalid in grids
  • fix: iOS: fixes to app crash

Build 54280 - Available from Thu 1st March, 2012

  • new: Event Start in Smart Devices Objects! (Except Dashboards). It executes just once when entering the object, like it does in GeneXus' Work Panels does.
  • new: Build and Run improved when having Smart Devices Objects. Details:
    • new Run option for Smart devices Objects -> Builds the required services, compiles the Smart devices object,[deploys to cloud,] runs the smart devices object
    • new Build/Rebuild option for Smart devices Objects -> (Re)Builds the required services, compiles the Smart devices object
    • new Set as Startup Object option for Smart devices Objects
    • Smart Devices objects can be set as Startup Objects in the Environment Properties (and not more in the Smart Devices Generator properties)
    • F5 behavoir change If no Startup Object is selected: Web Developer Menu is built [and deployed] and executed, Knowledge base Navigator is executed.
  • new: Caching: ServerApi.InvalidateCache() to clear caché in the server and Interop.Clearcache() for the client side
  • fix: Web: msg() rule wasn't displayed in trn in latest build
  • fix: SDPanels weren't working as login or main objects with GAM
  • fix: Android: fix to multiple selection

Build 54154 - Available from Tue 28th Feb, 2012

* new version of GAM (3.0.5) database, will reorganize GAM tables. 
The following API methods (external objects) and samples are not more supported and therefore deleted: GAMClientApplication, GAMOAuthApplicationPermission, GAMOAuthPermissionFilter, GAMExampleWWGrantUsers

* Smart devices Objects: Because of its behavoir, to avoid confusion, and enable a future Start Event that excecutes just once at startup of the object (like in work panels / win), Start Event is automatically renamed to Refresh Event. 
Knowledge Bases opened with this version cannot be generated with previous one

* Query object breaking change: &Axis.Format.Color = rgb(0,0, 255) is deprecated. Use &Axis.Format.Style = 'color:#0000FF' instead

  • new: IDE: Dashboards: Now you can add  actions and links (to external urls) to dashboards
  • new: Smart Devices: More improvements in metadata and resources generation (smaller metadata makes app load faster and less memory consumption, less resouces make app smaller)
  • new: IDE / GAM: User is asked if Integrated Security is enabled.
  • new: iOS: Twitter integration added in iOS 5. Tweet without leaving the app.
  • new: BlackBerry: new properties for main objects: Market URL, Package Name, Application Icon, Application Welcome Image
  • new: iOS: Dashboards with Controls = Tabs can have more options
  • new: iOS: Pie Charts can be loaded from SDT
  • new: iOS: xcode 4.3 support added
  • new: .NET: Deploy to Cloud in .net support added ! Server:
  • new: IDE / Smart Devices: Build of Android/iOS/BB can be cancelled 
    • For each selected line in <grid name>
      <call to proc>
    • new property Show Selector = Always|On action|Platform Default
  • new: Android: SD Geolocation Control implemented
  • new: Android: MapType property implementated (Satelite and Hybrid is the same in Android)
  • new: Android: Support assigning SDT variables in SD Events
  • fix: Web: fix to multimedia upload aesthetics
  • fix: Ruby: runtime translation: date picker and combos fixed
  • fix: .net: fix to compilation issue in 64bits
  • fix: .NET : nullreference exception in sdt to json serialization
  • fix: Web: fixes to Audio and Video in grids
  • fix: Android: fixes to Physical Measures control
  • fix: Android: clear caché if language changes
  • fix: iOS: search didn't take into account "begins with" (always searched for contains)
  • fix: iOS: fixed issue with GetMyLocation when passing the result as a parameter to a proc
  • fix: Workflow: errors to convert KB with WF from Xev1 to Xev2
  • fix: iOS and Android: security: clear caché if user logs in with a different user or logs out
  • fix: Smart Devices spec: SDT in SD Panel didn't work, some main object properties were ignored
  • fix: support for logical files when using dbret "iseries native" access
  • fix: Ruby: for each line didn't take into account combo value
  • fix: BlackBerry: fixed some translation issues
  • fix: Team Development: iOS specific properties (mac host, user pwd) are reset on checkout
  • fix: .NET & Java REST services: big numbers are sent as string in order to avoid errors in smart devices
  • fix: SDPanel as startup object didn't take into account images properties related to main objects (welcome , appicon, etc.)
  • fix: SDPanel as startup object didn't execute when F5/Run was executed.

Build 53431 - Available from Sat 11th Feb, 2012

  • IDE: usability improvements in Smart Devices development
    • Right button -> Add variable in text editors
    • Combo box to select event in Events Editor
    • Model Explorer / Customization has an SD Platforms option to set platform properties more easily
  • GXserver: KBs linked to GXserver ask wether to import new resources or not
  • fix: SD : resources are generated platform dependant so that SD apps size is optimized
  • fix: Android: visible property didn't work in start and load event
  • fix: Android: when an exception occurs while loading the metadata, it stops loading and shows it
  • fix: Android: fixes to Physical Measures Control
  • fix: iOS: geolocation speed, precision,heading supportsdecimals
  • fix: iOS: fix to compilation issue

Build 53378 - Available from Fri 10th Feb, 2012

  • new: Spec: now you can write the assignment A = B > C if A is boolean, for example
  • new: Android: support for image gallery based on SDT added.
  • fix: Fix to translation mechanism in SD - this fixes the GXM_update, etc text that appeared in runtime
  • fix: .NET: fixes to charset in text mode reports in web
  • fix: .NET: fix related to security (GAM)
  • fix: Android: fix to return and call in start event
  • fix: iOS: fix to advanced filters when more than one grid is present
  • fix: IDE: avoid exception when selecting multiple sections in SD editor

Build 53336 - Available from Thu 9th Feb, 2012

  • new: SD Generation: Performance improvement in metadata generation
    • json of Only changed objects is generated
    • all metadata files are compressed to a zip (.gxsd)
  • new: SD apps:  Performance improvement loading metadata
    • instead of doing a request per metadata file, now only one request is done to get the .gxsd. this reduces inconsistencies
    • other improvements to metadata loading
  • fix: IDE: internal 3rd party components updated - this should reduce GDI+ leaks
  • new: Android & iOS: New Physical Measures Control
  • new: Android & iOS: translation improvements
  • new: Android: support background image and font style in Application Bars (android 2.x)
  • new: iOS: new property Show Logout Button in Dashboards
  • new: SD: improvements to resources generation, improves SD apps size
  • fixes in Android to setting and getting values to/from controls, fixes several related bugs
  • fix: iOS: fix to app crash using geolocation
  • fix: Android: geolocation speed, precision,heading supportsdecimals
  • fix: Android: fix to rows per page property in grid
  • several other fixes in Android and iOS

Build 53111 - Available from Fri 3rd Feb, 2012

  • new: Smart Devices Generation: if row height is Platform default, then it is 64dip in Android, 44dip in iOS and 35dip in BlackBerry. This should allow you to design less layouts (same layout may apply in more cases to multiple platforms)
  • new: IDE: Not Authorized Object for Web is "GAMExampleNotAuthorized" by default
  • new: Android: External Objects and User Controls can be added by GeneXus users without modifying standard or generted classes
  • new: Android: Contentmode property (property of some classes in themes) implemented
  • new: Android: Actions in Application Bar can be invisible
  • new: BlackBerry: improvements in geolocation, images, themes, wheel control, tabs control, combo box
  • new: iOS: fixes to caching, caching properties implemented
  • new: iOS: added support for image class in dashboard option
  • new: iOS: added support for map type in SD Maps Control and Geolocation Control (can be standard, satelite or hybrid)
  • new: REST services - Caching at server side can be set off (useful if data is changed by third parties)
  • new: IDE: improvements in smart devices objects' layouts: copy & paste and others
  • new: IDE / GAM: A new tool has been added to import / export GAM data
  • new: Smart Devices language: variables and sdt fields can be assigned in events
  • new: Java & .NET WEB: improvements to upload of blobs, images, audio, video.
  • new: Team Development: local environment and version properties can be compared with server ones 
  • fix: Web: fix related to focus handling 
  • fix: many fixes related to translation in IDE, Ruby, Android and iOS
  • fix: Android: fix to horizontal radio button 
  • fix: GAM: clears sessions when user is deleted

Build 52910 - Available from Mon 30th Jan, 2012

Smart Devices Generator requires protection. Open GeneXus License Manager (gxlgmgr.exe) to ask online for licenses if you don't have.

  • new: IDE: now you can create a kb from scratch and select "Smart Devices Generator" which will create an SD model with Ruby as 
  • new: IDE: added missing properties to panels for smart devices
  • new: .NET support for excel 2007/2010 (xlsx)
  • new: Android: .visible and .class properties can be changed in user events / actions.
  • new: Android: added support for pin image attribute in grid based on SDT
  • new: Android: improvements in runtime translation support
  • new: Android / iOS: Application Bars can be hidden
  • new: Android: Pie chart support added
  • new: Android: picture of readonly numbers is taken into account
  • new: Android: SendEmail() now supports subject
  • new: Android: new Package name property in main objects
  • new: iOS: Application Bar class: Added properties for background image, title image and font (ios 5 only)
  • new: iOS: Runtime translation support added
  • fix: iOS: login button is not visible if user isn't logged in
  • fix: iOS: geolocation control didn't show target and current location
  • fix: iOS: fixes to dynamic combo boxes and nested dynamic combo boxes
  • fix: iOS: group control didn't show caption
  • fix: iOS: fixes related to casing in filters & search
  • fix: iOS: Star Rating didn't work in detail
  • fix: Android: fix to upload image
  • fix: Android: fix to autogrow
  • fix: Android: fix to ads positioning
  • fix: Query: metadata error executing Queryviewer in Ruby
  • fix: Web: Blobs didn't were displayed after upload 
  • fix: IDE: fixes to sd panels related to translation
  • fix: IDE: procedures called by sd panels weren't exposed as REST automatically

Build 52654 - Available from Mon 23rd Jan, 2012

  • new: Smart Devices: variables initialized in start event are available in load event 
  • new: Smart Devices:parameters of smart devices objects can be in / out / inout 
  • new. Android: Push Notifications support added
  • new: iOS: right & botton label positioning implemented
  • new: iOS: Attribute classes Vertical and Horizontal Alignment supported
  • fix: iOS: login layout didn't appear in some cases
  • fix: iOS: services URL property wasn't taken into account
  • fix: iOS: fixes to magazine viewer control
  • fix: Android: remember tab on rotation
  • fix: fixes to refresh in query viewer charts
  • fix: Android: fixes to Map Control
  • fix: Ruby: fixes to json serialization
  • fix: BlackBerry: fixes to geolocation API
  • fix: BlackBerry: interop methods support constant parameters
  • fix: BlackBerry: fixes to map control
  • fix: BlackBerry: fixes to check box
  • fix: Query Viewer control: fixes to Charts in jscript

Build 52575 - Available from Thu19th Jan, 2012 

Breaking change: Interop.SendMail method has now a parameter more that lets specify the subject of the email.

  • new: Android: first bits for runtime translation support
  • new:  iOS: Show Application Bars property added (at list, section, detail and sd panel level)
  • fix: iOS: fixes to label autoalign, links and autogrow (bugs of latest builds)
  • fix: Web: fixes to autorefresh of grids when filters change, etc.
  • fix: Android: fix to advanced filters

Build 52515 - Available from Wed 18th Jan, 2012 

  • new: iOS: items of actionbar support .visible property
  • new: iOS: .visible and .class properties can be changed in user events / actions.
  • fix: IDE: performance improvement in pattern when building workwith for Smart devices instances
  • fix:iOS: internal changes to controls that enables performance improvements
  • fix: iOS: edit control did not loose focus when opening a picker on iPad
  • fix: iOS: constant false in action parameters was considered true

Build 52470 - Available from Tue 17th Jan, 2012 

  • new: IDE: Panels for Smart Device objects now can be exported/imported. 
  • new: iOS: new property "Enable Share Action" in Imagegallery
  • new: Android: messages taken from language
  • new: iOS: &sdt.currentitem support added (now items of sdts can be referenced in events)
  • new: iOS: new Interop.SendEmailAdvanced method
  • fix: iOS: issue with star rating not showing in some cases
  • fix: Java SDT/JSON serialization problems (e.g. empty list) fixed. This means a reimplementation of Java JSON serialization, so you need to execute a "rebuild all".
  • fix: Ruby: JSON serialization error / nesting to deep error 
  • fix to static translation and smart devices generati
  • fix: dynamic call to sd panel didn't work

Build 52384 - Available from Fri 13th Jan, 2012 

  • new: BlackBerry: Grids can be loaded from SDTs
  • new: BlackBerry: dynamic calls support added
  • fix: iOS: fix to tabs on semantic domains
  • fix: Android: fix to scroll in components without autogrow
  • fix: Blackberry: fixes to timeline chart
  • fix: Blackberry: fixes to images loading
  • fix: Blackberry: delete in trn didn't work

Build 52319 - Available from Wed 11th Jan, 2012 

  • fix: iOS: Magazine Viewer user control appears below the position it should
  • new: Android: support  for different layouts per orientation
  • new: In Android, since build 52298 DateTime storage timezone property set with "(not set)" value unifies the behavoir in web and SD. This means that date time will never be converted and it will be shown as it was entered. Soon it will be included for IOS and BB. For existing KBs you must know that datetimes previously entered from SD will be shown different from now (but it is not the case of date times entered from web).

Build 52273 - Available from Tue 10th Jan, 2012

  • new: Android: Navigation style = Split support added (for tablets 3.x)
  • new: Android: Application Bar support added (for tablets 3.x)
  • new: Android: Control property = Tabs support added and shows native tabs in Dashboards  (for tablets 3.x)
  • new: iOs theme: class GroupSeparator support
  • fix: fixes to DP/SDT variables being used on Smart Devices forms
  • fix: iOS: All Sections as Tabs triggers this error in rutime: Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'Using tab sections when list was needed'
  • fix: iOS: image assigned in Load event was not showing in a grid.
  • fix: iOS: Autogrow with HTML domain controls.
  • fix: Android: SDT fields in forms, now they get proper control type, format picture, etc.
  • fix: Android: Layout that includes an HTML domain attribute is scrolling all together not only the HTML.
  • fix: Web: Grid's TrackContext event doesn't work properly after a filter is entered. 
  • fix IDE: Support to action parameters like &SDT.CurrentItem.<field> was added (avoiding the error message "Line can't be interpreted by devices" in this case). Thats enable invoke an action with the current item of an SDT Collection.

Build 52079 - Available from Fri 30th December, 2011

New requriement for Android: Google API 15 (Google Inc.:Google APIs:15). If you haven't installed it, you will get a compilation error: Unable to resolve target 'Google Inc.:Google APIs:15
It's recommended to keep installed the API 7 (required in previous builds) because it allows to run with the current emulator that is faster.

  • new: Android: Ads support added in Android
  • new: Android: apps can be installed in sd card
  • new: Android: support for sdk r16
  • fix: iOS: tab control changes size when one tab shows status bar
  • fix: iOS: fix to image content mode

Build 52049 - Available from Thu 29th December, 2011

  • new: Theme / iOS: highlighted color and background colors for item selection
  • new: Ruby: Ruby interpreter updated (now MRI 1.9.3 is used instead of MRI 1.9.1). Benefits: performance, less memory usage, security issues
  • new: Ruby: Thin webserver used instead of webrick for local prototyping
  • new: Java: REST responses are compressed if request header gzip is received
  • new: iOS: Apps can log requests (when run in simulator)
  • new: iOS: Autogrow property added to wheel control
  • new: iOS: Reset button added to advanced filters dialog
  • fix: iOS: capture video wasn't working
  • fix: iOS: fix to crash of wheel control in sd panel
  • fix: Android: fix to uploading images
  • fix: Android: images wereshown in lists from bottom to up
  • fix: Android: image gallery text classesare set to title and subtitle
  • fix: Android: fix to autogrow in textblock
  • fix: Android: fix to alpha indexer
  • fix: Ruby: control alignment issues
  • fix: Ruby: datetime storage timezone fixes
  • fix: Ruby: static content is forced to UTF8
  • fix: Java: referencing exceldocument with absolut path didn't work
  • fix: Spec: condition related to att in parm rule wasn't applied

Build 51950 - Available from Tue 27th December, 2011

  • new: GXserver: Create KB from server now allows to set an existent local db
  • new: Android: Support an arbitrary attribute as description of a group by
  • new: Android: first bits for Pie Chart support added
  • new: iOS: Ads support Added
  • new: iOS: Advanced Filters & Multiple Orders supported
  • new: iOS: added support for Empty Item in Combo box
  • new: iOS: Tab Control with scroll (property Tabs behavior + scroll left & right indicators)
  • new: iOS: Buttons in Application Bar can have images (only alpha channel is taken into account)
  • new: iOS: new controls horizontal grid, image map, sphere
  • new: .NET: Windows Azure SDK 1.6 or 1.6 are now supported for deployment
  • fix: IDE: fix to events of SD objects editing
  • fix: Spec: only the first conditional noaccept was taken into account
  • fix: Android: fix to layout if background image was the same in grid items and containing table
  • fix: Android: fix to table draw
  • fix: Android: autorefresh keeping selected item when returning from insert
  • fix: Android: improves to loading indicator on title
  • fix: Android: fixes for the case the device hasn't network or gps
  • fix: iOS: it was impossible to enter dates if date was empty (backoffice java)
  • fix: iOS: several fixes to Magazine Viewer
  • fix: iOS: Logout button apeared even if user wasn't logged in
  • fix: iOS: fixes to Image Gallery
  • fix: iOS: Cancel button not working in Interop.SendMessage

Build 51807 is RC- Available from Thu 22nd December, 2011

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