WWSD Pattern instance for Multi-level Transactions

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Supposing the following 2-level Property Transaction, with the attributes shown below:

WWSD Multi-level Transactions - Transaction

Upon applying theWork With for Smart Devices object, the following instance associated with the Property Transaction is generated:

WWSD Multi-level Transactions - Instance

In this case, when the transaction has more than one level, an additional Level of Detail is generated for each subordinate level in the Transaction.

For the Property Transaction of the example a new Section (Photo) is generated, corresponding to the data of the second level in the transaction, with View and Edit nodes, as for Single-level Transactions, to View the data of the second level and to Edit the record selected.

WWSD Multi-level Transactions - Layout

Tip: In the second level of 2-level Transactions, it is shown as a link (a link to view the list of the second level), using Display property with Link value and the related Transactions as Tab (with Tab value).

This Level of Detail contains:

  • View mode
    To be able to select one of the items from the list and view all its data on tabs
  • Edit mode
    To edit the information on that level (Update action).


  • In this type of application, the transaction is not used to edit data, and that is the reason for defining the additional Edit form: to perform the edition.
  • If no edition of records is required and if a detailed view is not necessary, it is possible to delete the additional Level. In this case, upon clicking on a line of the Photo list of a Property, no actions will be executed.


Insert method is not supported in multilevel transactions.


Start Video Container of sections in the Detail screen of the Work With