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Evolution 2's target, regarding web applications, is User Experience, Security, Perfomance, and Cloud.

Take a look at this overview: The evolution of the web, by Daniel Mendez

User Experience
Site_GXUser Experience

HTML5, CSS3, Semantics Domains, are the main features to improve User Experience.
More details: 

Take a look at:
HTML5, CSS3, CSV: More Flexibility and Usability in the Web Interface,
by Claudia Murialdo

SiteGX_Security Gam

A Built-in role based security module has been added and is available for free with this version: To secure your java, .net and Ruby web applications easily.
More Details: Built-in Security Module - GeneXus Access Manager (GAM)

Take a look at:
What does GX Xev2 solve in connection with your Web and SD Application?,
by Eugenio García
How to add security to my GeneXus Applications?,
by Sabrina Juarez
When and how to use security integrated in GeneXus,
by Alejandro Zeballos


Performance has been improved since HTML 5 generation has been added which means less jscript and html to get more with less.
HTML and jscript has been reduced resulting in up to 25% less data transfers,
specially if grids are involved , which results in improved applications experience too.

Paging, in Grids and in Data Providers, are now resolved by the DBMS improving the response time.
More Details:
 Server Paging

Take a look at:
The evolution of the web,
by Daniel Mendez (specifically slides 14 to 19)


- GeneXus X Evolution 2 automates deployment to Artech's cloud, based on Amazon servers, for prototyping applications.
More Details: Cloud prototyping

Upload one GeneXus.NET application, and access all of the Azure platform's benefit, is simple.
More Details: Deployment Azure


A new way of interoperability is implemented in this version through REST Web Services  


GeneXus X Evolution 2 Course (for X Evolution 1 users)


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