GeneXus X Evolution 2 Night Builds - up to Beta 4

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See newer logs here : GeneXus X Evolution 2 Beta Night Builds

Build 48128 is Beta 4. Available from Sun, 12th September, 2011

  • new: improvements to new GeneXusXev2 theme
  • new: SD Chart in Android !
  • fix: iOS: in some cases background was black
  • fix: Android: fixe sto background drawing
  • fix: Blackberry: fixes to images loading, themes
  • fix: Android: SDImageGallery: Fixed choice of default image attribute when it is not set.

Build 48103 - Available from Thu 9th September, 2011

  • fix to cache in server side
  • fix: BC couldn't be associated to a list
  • fix: fromimage didn't work in command line procs
  • fix: gxflow: fix to import xpdl
  • fixes in Blackberry to timezone

Build 48032 - Available from Wed 8th September, 2011

  • fix: Android: A form with only one HTML attribute now uses a 100% size WebView
  • fix: Web: fixes for boxing in CSS3
  • fix: Android: fixes to image gallery
  • fix: BlackBerry: fixes to scanbarcode
  • fix: BlackBerry: GroupBy description attribute now supports enum description
  • fixes to GAM

Build 47977 - Available from Wed 8th September, 2011

  • fix: default action for paged grid control implemented
  • fix: Ruby: fixes to validation of HTML 4.01

Build 47908 - Available from Mon, 5th September, 2011

  • new: Android & Java or Ruby: Rules like default or att = &var if insert; are shown in SD in insert. (Server loads it in REST service so that SD can show it). Usefull fur default(att,today()) or default(att,<loggeduser>), etc.
  • fix: GAM: fixes to locking problems
  • fixes to Blackberry to Themes in sizing of controls
  • fix: Android: Theme class for tables was ignoring the margin
  • fix: Android: performance improvements: apps load faster
  • fixes to Audio and Video: now you can record and play audio and video in iOS

Build 47853 - Available from Mon, 5th September, 2011

  • New: iOS: Add support for Themes in groups
  • new: timezone support in .net
  • fixes in Android to Map Control
  • fix: Android: performance improvements
  • fix: Android: fixes to layout drawing. layouts didn't take theme when returning from prompts
  • fix: iOS: fixes to paged grid and to scrolling in tab controls
  • fixes in iOS to themes
  • fix: Android: fixes reading error message from gam in java.
  • fixes in Ruby to Audio and Video

Build 47761 - Available from Fri, 2st September, 2011

  • new: iOS: SDPagedGrid Control
  • new: Web: themes can be changed in runtime, new settheme() function
  • new: Web: new built in theme GeneXusXEv2 (is default in new KBs). We recommend using it and setting HTML Document Type property to HTML 5 in new KBs.
  • fix: Java: timezone errors when timezone wasn't set
  • fix: iOS: fixes to dates with pictures
  • fix: iOS: fixes to themes and layout positioning
  • fix: BlackBerry: fixes to Linear Gauge
  • fix: BlackBerry: fixes to autogrow property
  • fix: iOS: fixes for iOS 5

Build 47650 - Available from Thu, 1st September, 2011

  • new: Java: deploy to cloud creates chunks so that upload is possible using slow connections
  • new: Web: CSS validation, improvements to html validation
  • New: iOS: support for Autogrow property in lists
  • new: iOS: Standard icons for Application Bar added (for action names: Refresh, Delete, Insert, Cancel)
  • new: BlackBerry: Gauge field Colored Ranges added.
  • fix: Timezone property is taken into account in rest servicees
  • fix: Android: Restore form background after returning from prompt.
  • fix: Android: fix to Calendar.Schedule()
  • fix: iOS:fixes related to displaying actions in Application Bar and memory leaks
  • fixes: BlackBerry: Font size issue fixed. List resize issue fixed. Component domain now takes cell dimensions correctly.

Build 47450 - Available from Tue, 30th August, 2011

  • new: IDE & BlackBerry: new BIS-B Connection String property
  • new: IDE & IOS: new SDGeolocation control
  • new: Android: Description property for Group by order implemented
  • fix: BlackBerry: font size issue fixed
  • fix: Android: fixes to background (reported as problem with nested tables)
  • fix: Android: remove extra paddings from tab layout

Build 47369 - Available from Mon, 29th August, 2011

  • IDE: Remove Rules, Events & Variables tabs since they aren't implemented yet (will be back again in RC)

Build 47363 - Available from Sat, 27th August, 2011

  • fix: iOS: when class name is empty it now takes the default iOS class
  • fix: Android: Fix bug when sending variables as parameters
  • new: iOS Video data type: show preview of YouTube videos
  • fix: Android: now list items can be less than 64dips
  • fix: Android: fixes to tab dashboards

Build 47285 - Available from Thu, 25th August, 2011

  • new: iOS : - apply theme class for SDT grid - use table class in sections list
  • new: iOS: Order Group By Description Attribute added
  • fix: IDE: table properties were reset when a new one was added
  • fix: Blackberry to compilation issue
  • new: Blackberry: Border width is now considered to calculate table sizes.
  • new: Blackberry "Genexus content type" header is now sent on request headers,
  • new: ios: Added support for background color & image in lists
  • fix: iOS: fixes on lists and tables with background image
  • fix: iOS: fixed Star Rating Control on Edit
  • fix: Ruby: fix to audio and video uri
  • fix: Android: html variable component in view form
  • fix: Android: fix play youtube video from webview/webcomponent

Build 47171 - Available from Wed, 24th August, 2011

  • new: Android: add mylocation property added to mapview.
  • new: IDE: Integrated Security - GAM : option to create GAM Tables through the menu
  • web: Theme / css: improvements importing css to theme
  • fix: Android: fixes to backgound
  • fix: iOS: GeoLocation API: methods GetAddress, GetLocation & GetLocationHistory now return a collection

Build 47091 - Available from Tue, 23rd August, 2011

  • new: iOS: added support for tracking in Geolocation API
  • new: iOS: added support for sdt collections on form
  • fix: Android: fix to delete record
  • fix: Android: Remove listview lines when Show Horizontal Rules = false
  • fix: Android: fix to position of pin in map
  • fix: iOS: memory leaks
  • fix: iOS: fix to tap on domains with semantics when layout enabled = true

Build 47033 - Available from Mon, 22nd August, 2011

  • new: Android and iOS: Login with Facebook (Use SDActions.LoginExternal()) and fixes to GAM
  • new: Android: take into account background in list
  • new: Android: first bits to support Maps when loading a grid from SDT
  • new: BlackBerry: nested tables are now supported
  • new: BlackBerry: FK Control is now shown when enabled Layout = true
  • new: BlackBerry: Autogrow property is now supported
  • new: Web: Audio and Video types new UI
  • fix: iOS: memory leaks fixed
  • fix: BlackBerry: fixes to themes
  • fix: BlackBerry: fixes to wheel control, advanced filters
  • fix: Web: fix to validation of CSS
  • fixes to REST servicdes (boolean, images, etc)
  • fix: Ruby: fix to sending mail to many addresses
  • fix: Android: load background from detail when section hasn't background
  • fix: Android: fix to Rating controls
  • fix: Android: search didn't appear
  • fixes to Java REST services and dates

Build 46924 - Available from Fri, 19th August, 2011

  • new: GAM: Facebook login in Web (first bits in iOS too)
  • new: GAM: Authentication with External webservices
  • new: GAM: Same user can login at the same moment from different devices
  • new: GAM: Permissions are granted by default to all applications
  • new: Android: add getlatitude, getlongitude, getdistance. getLocationFromAddress and getAddressFromLocation return a colection of results.
  • new: Android: Themes: BackgroundImage implemented (Dashboard, GridRow, Grid, Table). (Background image isn't being copied to images folder automatically yet)
  • new: Android: Themes: Theme classes for Dashboard and Grid and Tables implemented.
  • new: Android & iOS: first bits of SDT on form support
  • new: Web: more CSS3 properties (border-radius & text-shadow & box-shadow)
  • new: iOS: Map user control: added support for "show my location" property
  • fix: ruby: after confirm rules were triggered twice
  • fixes in iOS to Application Bar - which events are triggered were, etc.
  • fix: iOS: fix to app crash in BC.delete batch
  • fix: iOS: grid actions in sections were not triggered
  • fix: Android: fixes to map control with no specified pin image
  • fix: iOS: fixes to wheel control
  • fix: FIX Some call dashboards were not working
  • fix: Ruby & Java: fix to ToUniversalTime() function
  • fix: iOS: fixed compilation warnings in XCode 4.2

Build 46709 - Available from Tue, 16th August, 2011

iOS: Audio and Video domains not supported anymore: now you have to use the Audio and Video standard types.

  • new: Class property supported at attribute / domains.
  • new: iOS: GeoLocation API: added GetAddress from location and GetLocation from address
  • new: iOS: Buttons: added support for background image and highlighted background image
  • new: iOS: Tab control: added (partial) theme support. Implemented properties are: margin, padding, tabs position and background color
  • new: iOS: Tab control now positions the image according to the "image position" property in GeneXus
  • new: Android: Support Bottom & Right labels. - Support Theme for DashboardItem.
  • new: Android: Pin Image Attribute on SD Maps on Android
  • new: Android: new Geolocation API (first bits of getmylocation, getAddressFromLocation and getLocationFromAddres) GeoLocationAPI external object (X Evolution 3)
  • new: IDE, iOS and Android: new Main Objects properties: VersionCode and VersionName.
  • new: BlackBerry: detail layout design (position and theme, same as in lists) taken into account partially when property Layout Enabled = true. Known issues (pk and fk images missing)
  • new: BlackBerry: wheel control HowTo: Use the Wheel Control
  • fix: iOS: when prototyping / compiling iOS apps and overriding the installed apps in the device, this apps didn't reload well
  • fixes in iOS related to sections: - actions inside sections were not triggered - list controls inside sections in tabs were higher than expected - some sections in tabs were not being displayed
  • fix: Android: Fix for logout it was not returning to login in some cases.
  • fix: Android: scroll view added to view form
  • fix: Android: fix to advanced filters dialog
  • fix: Java: upload of images in web didn't work
  • fix: iOS: crash fix when using Linear Gauge
  • fix: iOS: Chart User Control : Changed default theme from black to white
  • fix: GXserver: fixes to locks handling

Build 46492 - Available from Wed, 10th August, 2011

  • new: GeoLocation: added Ruby support - supported methods: GetLatitude, GetLongitude, GetDistance, GetAddress, GetLocation
  • fix: iOS: when emulating first iPhone and later emulating iPad, in the latter case the app was using the iPhone's metadata
  • fix: Android: fix to Rating control

Build 46446 - Available from Wed, 10th August, 2011

  • new: iOS & Android: SD apps now send header GeneXus-Agent: SmartDevice Application [Android] for example.
  • fix: Web: fix to datetime conversion to UTC
  • fix: Web: fix to datetimes(0.X)
  • fixes in Android to themes and layouts
  • fix: IDE: performance improvement in import, specially for objects with dyna combos with load condition

Build 46408 - Available from Tue, 9th August, 2011

  • new: new DateTime storage timezone property + showing datetimes according to time zone in web too. The TimeZone problem).
  • new: Dyna combos for smart devices can have Java as backoffice
  • new: iOS: horizontal and vertical align of buttons
  • new: iOS: GeoLocation API: added support for GetLatitude, GetLongitude & GetDistance
  • Changes in GeoLocation API (SDApi.xml) - added method GetAlerts - changed parameter for SetAlerts method, now it receives an SDT. (in existing KBs you need to import <gx install dir>\Packages\Patterns\WorkWithDevices\Resources\SDAPI.xml again). More info GeoLocationAPI external object (X Evolution 3)
  • Web: improvements to http traffic (smaller json associated to grids)
  • fix: Android: fix to initial value in wheel control
  • fix: Android: fixes to images in lists
  • fix: Android: fixes to casing problems when calling web panels
  • fix: iOS: fixes to positioning in layout
  • fix: iOS: Themes fixes to Textblock class
  • fix: Java: rest procs support many SDTs in parms
  • fixes to iOS compile & transfer (build IPA)
  • fix: Web: fixes to date handling
  • fix: Android & iOS: fixes to wheel control

Build 46290 - Available from Fri, 5th August, 2011

new: GXserver nightbuild available too

  • new: GXserver support Locking ! If you send a KB to GXserver you can specify wheter you want to work with Locking or not on that KB. (Lock , Unlock, Steal Lock, Revert, etc)
  • new: IDE: GeoLocation API (in existing KBs you need to import <gx install dir>\Packages\Patterns\WorkWithDevices\Resources\SDAPI.xml)
  • new: iOS: first bits of GetMyLocation method
  • fix: BlackBerry templates. error: "Could not find... net_rim_api.jar..." fixed
  • fix: BlackBerry Advanced Filters bug fixed.
  • iOS: improvements to theme handling in grids
  • iOS: improvements to chart user control

Build 46238 - Available from Thu, 4th August, 2011

Breaking Change: SD Theme structure changed (some theme data will be lost)

There is no conversion to new structure, so you need to save again each theme (if not, you will get the following error:

Unable to Deserialize Data.

Artech.Udm.Framework.Exceptions.UdmException:Unable to Deserialize Data. ---> System.ArgumentException: Unable to load definition loader type Artech.Genexus.Resolvers.










Android generation internal refactoring; please backup your current build before installing this

Other news and fixes

  • new: iOS: Sections can be shown in Tabs of Tab Control
  • new: BlackBerry:Advanced Search (filters?) added
  • new: BlackBerry: Order by added (should appear on menu key pressed)
  • new: BlackBerry: Radio Button UC added.
  • new: BlackBerry: Images memory cache limited to 40 images.
  • fix: Web: Linear Gauge wasn't displayed in IE 9
  • fix: Web: field with ispassword in tab wasn't displayed
  • fix: BlackBerry:Navigation bug fixed. It happened when Detail had multiple "Grid tabs".
  • fix: BlackBerry: Component domain bug fixed (for Golf app).Happened when component url contained "blank spaces"
  • fix: BlackBerryChart UC several bug fixed, including axis shifting.
  • fix: BlackBerry:Interop Scan Barcode bug fixed.
  • fix: IDE: fix to problemas with webroot property and "/" in java

Build 46188 - Available from Wed, 3rd August, 2011

  • new: Android: Consider width/height in layout actions.
  • new: Android: Consider imagePosition in actions.
  • new: iOS: Main Dashboards as tab now execute complete action for each item
  • SD Maps: renamed property "Hides navigation on full screen" to "Show navigation on full screen"
  • fix to URL Domain in order to support "-" (you need to import it again)
  • fix to java apps with jdk 1.5

Build 46134 - Available from Tue, 2nd August, 2011

  • fix: Ruby: fix to images in trns
  • fix: iOS: login messages fixed
  • fix: iOS - FIX Detail providers concurrency problems when loading multiple sections concurrently.
  • fix: iOS - Linear Gauge now takes into account theme information
  • fix: iOS: Added support for Combo controls to the new layout
  • fix: Android: Fixed behavior when no layouts are available for Android (list was crashing, and detail was showing an empty string)
  • fix: Android: Fixed static images in dashboard items and background
  • fix: Android: Show TextView in WheelControl in ViewMode
  • minor fixes to wheel control in iOS and Android

Build 46097 - Available from Mon, 1st August, 2011

  • fix: iOS: horizontal rules in tables are sent to back

Build 46096 - Available from Sun, 31th July, 2011

  • fix: Android: fixes to parameters encoding

Build 46092 - Available from Sat, 30th July, 2011

iOS: xcode 4.x is required in order to compile / prototype on Mac

  • new: IDE & iOS : new Tab Control supported
  • new iOS: as from this version you can compile on OS X Lion (OS version 10.7)
  • new: Android: Size of Platform is taken into account in Android. so you can design different layouts for Android Tablet than for Android Phone
  • new: Android: Themes support on Button controls
  • new: Android: Wheel control support added
  • new: iOS: SD Wheel control: added support for more than one decimal digit
  • new: iOS: Refresh action implemented for detail
  • new: iOS: width and height in button control
  • new: Themes Web: new border-radius property
  • new: Android: now call to web panels works in .net and java too
  • new: Web: reduction of HTML generated for grids. (picture of characteres - "xxxx" is sent as "")
  • fix: Android: Variables in entry panels where not show as editables in edit form.
  • fix: iOS: order by timestamp didn't work
  • fix: iOS: Proc parameters are now sent by position instead of name
  • fix: Android: Choose best layout and theme according to specification.

Build 45971 - Available from Thu, 28th July, 2011

  • new: GXflow: several improvements in Diagrams
  • new: Web: Web Linear Gauge control (similar to SD Linar Gauge)
  • fixes to Android themes and control positioning: use theme class for textblocks in layout. fix font weight and style properties of theme. fix corner radius property, parse it as dip value now
  • fix: Android: set class theme to variables in layout was not working,
  • fix: Android: change default size of action and fk image links
  • fix error deploying to Windows Azure when no StartUp object was set on the environment
  • fix: iOS: fixes to transfer / compilation
  • fix: IOS: fixed font properties in Button theme class
  • fix: to spec of image data type in Ruby

Build 45916 - Available from Wed, 27th July, 2011

Audio and Video Domain deprecated - please use the Audio and Video Types instead.

  • New Audio and Video types
  • new: iOS: theme class for textblocks added
  • fix: iOS: fixes to Chart User Control
  • fix: Android: fixes to Actions in fixed part of list layouts
  • fix: Android: fixes to sizes of controls in fixed part of list layouts
  • fix: IDE: Images domain deleted from sddomains.xpz (was never implemented / supported)
  • fix: Android: several group controls weren't supported in same layout

Build 45877 - Available from Tue, 26th July, 2011

  • new: IDE: You can define different layouts, depending on Orientation. (SD Generators will support it soon)
  • new: IDE and Android: new SDActions.Cancel() method. Call this action to execute the standard cancel in the edit form in the device.
  • new: iOS: added zoom menu for Timeline (Chart SD Control )
  • new: iOS: property margin for label theme class
  • new: iOS: SD Maps user control: added property "Hides Navigation on Full Screen"
  • new: BlackBerry: Linear Gauge control added
  • new: BlackBerry: List view in Dashboard now supported
  • new: BlackBerry: Pin image is now read on list's SD Map control
  • fix: BlackBerry wrap text added on Lists
  • fix: BlackBerry AddContact and DeleteContact bugs fixed
  • fix: BlackBerry: Star rating bugs fixed.
  • fix: Android: Action button was not working in View Form (when LayoutEnabled = true)
  • fix: iOS: horizontal rules sent to back
  • fix: iOS: fixed some memory leaks and associated app crash
  • fix: iOS: class property of variables in entry panels didn't work
  • fix: IDE: Could not find attribute 'domain' in specification of 'Attribute'
  • fix: Android fixes to Themes support (background )

Build 45829 - Available from Sat, 23rd July, 2011

Photo domain deprecated, use Image datatype instead.

  • new: Themes - SD : new properties for the customization of Tabs. (aren't implemented in generator yet)
  • new: Android: first bits of Dynamic Combo Box support
  • new: iOS: Added support for Date & DateTime in the new detail layout
  • new: iOS: SD Wheel Control: added temporary property "Initial Value" (behavoir will be replaced by default() rule in future)
  • fix: URL domain (and the ones based on it) didn't allow empty values
  • fix: Web: prompts are opened faster in Chrome SAC# 30589
  • fix: Android: only show horizontal lines if table has "Show horizontal Rules" in true.
  • fix: Android: fix auto size of html web view. Need to have a minimun size in the container for the autosize to work.
  • fix: Android: fix to show images in fixed part of list layouts
  • fix: iOS: actions in Application Bar with low or normal priority were not visible in detail with Layout Enabled = True
Build 45729 - Available from Fri, 22nd July, 2011
  • new: iOS: Wheel control: added support for numbers with decimals
  • new: iOS: Logout button added in main dashboards
  • new: Blackberry: fixed part in lists is now taken into account (ex List Master view)
  • new: BlackBerry: Text wrap implemented for text controls in List.
  • fix: Ruby / MySQL: fix to occasional mysql server has gone away issue
  • fix: IDE: Platform 'Any Platform' didn't appear in Pattern Preferences
  • fix: iOS: fixed scaling problems in Chart Control
  • fix: iOS: fix auto height in table layout
  • fix: iOS Linear Gauge Control ==> Fixed bug in ranges color
  • fix: BlackBerry: Photo Editor UC fixed.
  • fix: Web: fixes to SEO (there were google indexing problems with links in grids)
  • fix: IDE: Condition property of ww sd section and action deleted
  • fix: Android: Image in fixed part of list layout didn't show up
  • fix: Android: video and audio view don't show the url.
Build 45598 - Available from Wed, 20th July, 2011
disclaimer: new IDE will show you rules and events in ww SD Objects but they don't work yet.
We recommend to backup your GeneXus X Evolution 2 Beta 3 installation directory and you Knowledge base too.
  • new: IDE: first bits of a Totally renewed editor that merges Master View with View (in List and Detail), lets add platform, separate condition, rules, events tabs, etc.
  • new IDE: new properties for SD WW Theme: Background property for Tables, Width & Height & ControlType for Button, Image for TabItem
  • new: IDE, Android and iOS: New temporary property Layout Enabled = true lets you beta test how Android and iOS begin taking into account your Detail.Layout design (positioning, themes, groups and other controls)
  • new: IDE / Theme Editor: Now you can import CSS classes to a Theme.
  • new: IDE: Dashboard: Show name instead of called object in node caption.
  • new: GAM: New option Tools / GAM - Applications Registration. (And apps are registrated in GAM also in rebuild all)
  • new: GAM: As from this build the Data store of GAM doesn't need to be the same than the one of the application (your app can store data in SQL Server and the GAM in MySQL for example )
  • new: PDF Reports support 'justified' text
  • new: Web: Control associated to image data type allows uploading an image or referencing an external image
  • new: Web: HTML Document Type property has new value: HTML 5 !!
  • new: Web: Domains with Special Semantics now in web too (when generating HTML 5): Email, Phone and Url (Color and Search domains comming soon)
  • new: Android and iOS: Audio Domain supported
  • new: Android and iOS: Linear Gauge Control Linear Gauge Control
  • new: Android and iOS: Index Property in Order. Allows to show at which row of the grid you are while you are scrolling. (like when you scroll contacts in Android)
  • new: Android: Add Support for Dynamic URL Property (Server/Address in settings ) in compiled Android applications.
  • new: Android: Loadcode supported in edit
  • new: iOS: Wheel Control for numeric attributes HowTo: Use the Wheel Control
  • new: iOS: Group by and Groub by up to properties supported
  • new: iOS: Pin image property and Pin image Attribute in SD Map Control
  • new: iOS: Dashboard Backgound image implemented
  • new: iOS: Background image for table
  • new: iOS: Added support for full screen maps in iPad when navigation style is Flip
  • new: iOS: Master View supported in Detail
  • new: iOS: Theme support in Button controls
  • new: BlackBerry: Added support for User Controls
  • new: BlackBerry: Flexible client library removed and now the whole solution is compiled in build time allowing better BtoC Solutions, and coexistens of different applications built on different builds in the same device.
  • new: BlackBerry: Lists are now based on another base control that supports themes
  • new: BlackBerry: Component and HTML Domain support added
  • new: BlackBerry: FontFamily taken into account on Labels
  • new: BlackBerry: web panels can be called in actions
  • new: GXserver: First bits for Locking support
  • fix iOS: Fix to SD CHart / Timeline control HowTo: Use Charts Control
  • fix: iOS: Save is always executed, even if there are no changes (So update rules on server are executed)
  • fix: ioS: Fix to web panels call action
  • fix: iOS: fix to phone domain
  • fix: iOS: fixes to Maps Control.
  • fix: iOS: memory leaks fixed
  • fix: Android: fix to Map control
  • fix: Android: messages are shown as popup (to be more user friendly )
  • fix: Android: fix to enumerated domains / combos with alphanumeric values
  • fix: BC generation peformance problem fixed
  • fix: iDE problem with references in save as of ww sd fixed
  • fix: IDE: fix to GDI+ usage (memory leaks, toolbox that showed a red "X" )
  • fix: IDE: Contextual menu of Themes is now similar to other objects
  • fix: iOS: interop.sendmessag() didnt' work ok when called in dashboard
  • fix: Web: content type of ajax calls is now application/json
  • fix: Deploy to Windows Azure now works with SDK 1.4
  • fix: .NET Mobile Generator compilation issue
Build 44953 is Beta 3. Available from Fri, 1sth July, 2011
  • new: iOS: support web panels to be called in actions
  • fix: iOS: SD Maps User Control: callout bubble displays item using the layout defined in the IDE
  • fix: Android: Apps crached or didn't load in phones when the phone was horizontal or in any tablet / any position.
  • fix: iOS - App Crash on Phone domain actions (Call & SMS)
  • fix: iOS: Out proc paramenter SDT Messages parameters with Type error was not making action fail
  • fix: iOS: Empty out proc parameters were making action to fail with Java server
  • fix: iOS: User Controls didn't work in compiled app
  • fix: iOS: Fixes to SD Chart Control
  • fix: Web: HTML Format wasn't taken into account ok in freestyle grids
  • fix: Android: control info of variable wasn't taken into account
  • fix: Android: variables based attributes based on domains were not working
Build 44888 - Available from Tue, 28th June, 2011
  • new: GAM: SD Objects have Integrated Security Property (needed for dataproviders generated by login and register)
  • new: iOS: SD Charts UserControl: Added search default value for ChartData property
  • fix:IOS: fix to strar rating control
  • fix: iOS: MacTransfer: fixed problem with iOS compilation (the command never finished)
  • fix: some fixes to import/export to gxplorer
  • fix: iOS: label background fixed.
Build 44858 - Available from Sun, 26th June, 2011
  • fix: iOS FIX Remove Quotes from caption strings and constant string paramenters
  • fix: minor fix to .NET REST services
Build 44855 - Available from Sat, 25th June, 2011
  • new: iOS: SDChart control
  • new: Android: Several ways to show a Dashboard (Table (in android called Grid - the default and actual one) or Tabs)
  • new: Android: support web panels to be called in actions
  • new: BlackBerry: Audio Domain supported
  • new: BlackBerry: first bits of Theme support in lists: Colors of labels are taken into account
  • fix: iOS: fix to error "There is no Layout"
  • fix: Ruby: fix to table centering
  • fix: Android: fix to sendmessage
  • fix: iOS: Action handling (nested actions & calls in view)
  • fix: iOS: Lists with master pages appeared wrong in latest nightbuilds
  • fix: Blackberry: fixes to GAM login
  • fix: iOS: isPassword property wasn't taken into account
Build 44783 - Available from Thu, 23st June, 2011
  • fix: Ruby: undefined method '<=' for nil:Nilclass
  • fix: iOS: memory handling fixes and crashes
  • fix: iOS: KBN displays message "Updating Knowledge Base" when there is a new version of the metadata
  • fix: ios: GAM login and logout improved
  • fix: Ruby: in some cases some *.yaml were not generated and a "Could not Get .." error appeared
  • fix: GAM Remember me in safari & Ruby didn't work
Build 44739 - Available from Tue, 21st June, 2011
  • new: deploy to cloud in java also uploads blackberry directory if it exists under the web folder (case when Signature si present and then the jads can be installed in a device)
  • fix: IDE: default rowstyle property of Master views fixed
  • fix: iOS: MacTransfer: fixed problem with iOS compilation (the command never finished)
  • fix: iOS: fix related to decimals
  • fix: blob.isempty() didn't work
  • fix: BlackBerry: Label position "none" fixed on List. Label position is now correctly read on Detail.
  • fix: Blackberry: Master view related fix in detail (some empty area appeared in latest night builds)
  • fix: Android: fix to SDActions.return() and actions management. (call stack, pending returns, etc.)
Build 44699 - Available from Sat, 18th June, 2011
  • new: iOS: Custom login (GAMSDLogin or other) support added
  • new: iOS: Interop.SendMessage now sends SMS, e-mail or opens the Twitter application.
  • fix to Static translation in Ruby
  • fix: iOS: Action Priority in detail - FIX: Actions are shown on top on iPad & at bottom toolbar on iPhone in detail
  • fix : iOS: related to Application Bars
  • fix: iOS didn't show text associated to check box
  • fix: Android: variables can be based on attributes
  • fix: iOS: autolink = false didn't work
  • fix: Java: related to rest procs that returned empty collections
  • fix: BlackBerry JVM 104 error fixed - related to return in nested action
  • fix: Blackberry interop.sendmessage fixed
  • fix: Blackberry: group by up to fixed
  • fix: iOS: compilation errors related to images are now just warnings
  • fix: Web: Blob fields with Display Link in WebPanel didn't reference URL correctly
  • fix: iOS: variables based on SDT & Attribute supported
  • fix: iOS: caching problems fixed
Build 44570 - Available from Wed, 15th June, 2011
  • fix to Action priority in iOS
  • fix to Integrated security handling in BCs in Ruby
Build 44531 - Available from Tue, 14th June, 2011
  • new: As from this build only actions you add to the Application Bar are shown in runtime.
  • new Tools/ GAM Initialization option
  • new: iOS: Interop.PlayVideo()
  • new: IDE: Revisions comparer now lets to change easily the revision to be compared
  • fix in row height calculation, rows style
  • fixes to GAM backoffice in Ruby
  • fix in SMTP .NET SAC 28830
  • fix: to interop.scanbarcode in IOS
  • fix to GAM in .NET related to data stores
Build 44391 - Available from Fri, 10th June, 2011
  • new: Insert/Delete Row/Column in contextual menu of Layout editor for SD
  • fix: iOS, BlackBerry - now SDActions.Save() can be nested with other actions
  • new: iOS: Interop.SendMessage() support added
Build 44334 - Available from Thu, 9th June, 2011
  • new: GAM: authentication in Web in .NET
  • new: BlackBerry: Star Rating Control
  • fix: .NET: ntidy.dll related error in 64bits
  • fixes in ruby web of broken things in xev2
  • fixes in GAM related to reorg from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3 and other
Build 44222 - Available from Tue, 7th June, 2011
  • New GAM version: gxtechnical login, Facebook Login in web
  • new: GAM: authentication in Web in Java
  • new: iOS: Add Support for Dynamic URL Property (Server/Address in settings ) in compiled iOS applications.
  • new: iOS: Added Theme properties Font FamilyName, Font Style, Font Weight, Label Width
  • new: iOS and BlackBerry: Actions are taken from Application Bar
  • new. iOS and BlackBerry: Controls refactored so that Users can build their own User Controls on lists.
  • new: iOS Implemented Interop.ScanBarcode()
  • new: BlackBerry: Layouts per platform support implemented
  • fix: some rest services doesn't work with .net and Windows XP
Build 44085 - Available from Fri, 3rd June, 2011
  • new: ActionBar support added. Actions are added to Actionbar if they aren't on the form.
  • new iOS: Star Rating control
  • fix: Android: error when detail definition not exist.
  • fixes in Themes for SD
  • fix iOS: FIX Date picker placeHolder on Time only DateTime
Build 44006 - Available from Wed, 3rd June, 2011
  • fix: iOS: fixes in error messages in compile time
  • minor fixes in android, themes, gam, etc.
Build 43946 - Available from Tue, 2nd June, 2011
  • new: Themes for SD available in iOS and Android.
  • new: BlackBerry: Interop.Sendmessage() support added
  • new: BlackBerry: Interop.ScanBarcode() support added and scanner improved.
  • new: Android: Multiple Selection support
  • fix: iOS: project didn't compile in Mac (some images in project didn't exist)
  • fix: iOS: SDActions.Return() didn't work.
Build 43901 - Available from Monday, 1st June, 2011
  • fix: iOS Memory leak in geolocation control
  • new: iOS supports default action property
  • fix: iOS : FK links are now in description att if they are in layout.
Build 43855 - Available from Monday, 30th May, 2011
  • fix: iOS memory leaks and crashes
Build 43852 - Available from Thu, 28th May, 2011
Note: If you use the Deploy to Cloud feature in Ruby, you must use this build or higher in order to not make others get an Internal server error 500 while you deploy.
  • fix: iOS: some buttons didn't were shown.
  • fix: Android: don't set a fixed size for images in layout buttons
  • fix to deploy to cloud in ruby
Build 43721 - Available from Thu, 26th May, 2011
  • new: Support for static translation in SD pattern
  • new: BlackBerry shows msg() rule of BCs.
  • new: BlackBerry: User controls in detail are shown OK
  • new: Blackberry takes into account Label Position and Label Caption in Detail
  • fix: Blackberry: Header image wasnt shown depending on image's size.
  • fix: BlackBerry: addressbook fixes
  • new: BlackBerry: Barcode Scanner User control added
Build 43671 - Available from Wed, 25th May, 2011
  • new: Layouts per platform support implemented in iOS
  • new: Label Caption is taken into account from Layout now in iOS
  • new: Android: Action with Priority = High is taken into account in Lists.
  • fix: Android: actions in lists related tu 2nd level of transactions didn't work
  • fix: type of variable was N(4) in dataprovider of Entry Panel generated by pattern.
  • new: iOS: SDActions.Return() action support added
  • fixes in Android related to advanced filters
  • fix to iOS / MAC transfer
Build 43550 - Available from Monday, 23th May, 2011
  • fix: iOS and Android: only user messages (msg() rule of BC) are displayed .
  • BC's REST services send msg() in the header beginning with "User:" Standard GX messages are sent beginning with "System:"
  • new: iOS: Entry panels support added.
  • fix: Android: Don't crash if pattern settings are not available.
  • fix: Android: Don't crash if there is a WWSD instance with no BC and no List (only a Detail).
  • fix: deploy to cloud improved in order to avoid HTTP Timeout
  • new: Android: Display actions in form as an image if the action has image but no caption.
  • new: IDE: Interop.PlayVideo() method
  • new: IDE: SDActions.Save() method
Build 43493 - Available from Friday, 20th May, 2011
  • new: Navigation Style feature support in iPad (Flip or Split)
  • new: Layouts per platform support implemented in Android (it takes the first layout with platform=Android or the first with General or the first found)
  • new: To Prototype in java with Deploy to Cloud = true you only need java, not tomcat.
  • new: iOS added Textblock Control support
  • new: iOS and Android show msg() of BCs
  • new: GAM: default values for login objects are set
  • new: Android supports master view in Lists
  • fix: iOS: Detail.Caption is now evaluated (Field.ToString() supported)
  • fix: Setup / installation issue with Android's flexible client.
  • fix: Blackberry issue regarding parameters in list and entry panels
  • fix: Blackberry: in insert the word "New" appeard in the Tab.
  • fix: Security issue in GAM: data providers REST didn't check security
Build 43413 - Available from Thursday, 19th May, 2011
  • new: web: CKEditor updated to version 3.6
  • fix: web: less html when webcomponents are not visible
Build 43406 - Available from Wednesday, 18th May, 2011
  • fix: copy&paste of cells in SD advanced editor didn't work
  • new: iOS: Geolocation in List
  • fix: iOS: action parameters can be constants now
  • new: BlackBerry takes into account Label Caption and Label Position properties in Lists.
  • fix: Android: Don't show default action as a menu option in lists.
  • fix: Geolocation picker fix
  • fix: ios: Image Gallery didn't have an Add button
  • fix: Grammar : support "true" and "false" as default value in "find" formula
  • fix: Grammar: enable "Text" property for combo and dynamiccombo control
  • new: Android: prompts on FK in advanced filters dialog
Build 42935 - Available from Tuesday, 10th May, 2011
  • fix: iOS: datepicker improved
  • new: BlackBerry: ImageGallery Control supported (only OS >=5)
  • fix: Blackberry: text on tabs didn't scroll
  • fix: java: websession in REST services didn't work
Build 42859 - Available from Monday, 9th May, 2011
  • new: header of REST response of BCs includes BC's msg() rules
Build 42855 - Available from Saturday, 7th May, 2011
  • new: Blackberry supports GAM / integrated security
  • WorkWith Smart Devices pattern editor was changed: "devices" tab was removed, "advanced" tab was renamed as "devices" and "tree" tab was renamed as "advanced". Stay tuned about edition improvements!
  • new: Advanced filters support in Android
  • fix: ioS: App crash after a call to a proc fails
  • fixes to SD Editors
  • fix: Android: datetime picker wasn't working
  • new: ImageGallery Control in iOS
Build 42798 - Available from Friday, 6th May, 2011
  • new: Master View and Master Edit can be defined and is taken into account in lists (iOS)
  • new: performance improvement in Web: generated HTML recuded up to 40%, depending the data, grids, etc. More info in SAC 30255
  • fix: java: webpanels didn't compile with runtime translation
  • new: msbuild task to get objects associated to a given Category
  • new: SDApi. method: Interop.ScanBarCode . You need to import <GX directory>\Packages\Patterns\WorkWithDevices\Resources\SDApi.xml
  • fix: iOS: fields were hidden behind keyboard while editing
  • fix: iOS: crash on save
  • new: java supports passive FTP
  • new: Blackberry supports calling REST procs with OUT parameters
  • new: Blackberry : new Tabs implementation. Tabs support images
  • new: Android: Textblocks support in lists
Build 42589 - Available from Monday, 2nd May, 2011
  • new: GXserver - partial update implemented
  • fixes to query / pivot
  • fixes to parsing of parameters in procs REST
  • fixes to GAM
  • fix: Properties weren't saved after SD Generator was executed
Build 42546 - Available from Thursday, 29th April, 2011
  • fixes to iOS
  • fix: Ruby / GAM: new message "401 not authorized" if no login object set and an unauthorized access occurs
  • minor fixes to GAM and android
Build 42506 - Available from Thursday, 28th April, 2011
  • New: Ruby web supports GAM Authentication / takes into account Integrated Security property
  • new: Android takes into account image associated to action
  • Blackberry prototipation changed slightly: now the KBN will be opened with the app running and it will be reloaded automatically on changes too.
    If you get an error executing KBN, copy <GX install dir>\BlackBerry\Templates\FlexibleClient\Standard>*.cod to the Emulator directory
    See Execution for BlackBerry too.
Build 42352 - Available from Thursday, 21st April, 2011
  • new: GAM available in .NET too (SQL Server and MySQL)
  • fix: Web - When editing a transaction that has an image data type attribute, the image field was lost if it was not set again
  • new: reorg in MySQL that changes a field from NULL to NOT NULL uses now Alter Table
Build 42180 - Available from Friday, 15th April, 2011
  • fix: Image data type attribute could not be updated if it was part of a second level of a transaction
Build 42111 - Available from Wednesday, 13th April, 2011
  • fix: pop ups, window data type and prompts were not opening due to an execution error
  • fix: Window opened using windows data type was not modal if there was a call() command after method
  • fix: Java NullPointerException when deleting a record from a transaction that has an image data type attribute
  • fix: When working on a transaction, inferred image attributes were not displayed
Build 42068 - Available from Tuesday, 12th April, 2011
  • fix: GAM - jars for Java MySQL included
  • new: Query - Subtotals and CanDragToPages implemented for QueryElements
  • fix: BlackBerry various fixes
  • fix: GAM ApplicationPermissionNotFound error in login oauth Java SQLServer
  • fix: Android add resources for Portuguese language
  • new: QueryViewer new property HideMeasuresPropertiesBox imlemented
  • new: iOS Theme structure added - Layout is taken into account in lists
Build 42032- Available from Saturday, 9th April, 2011
  • fix: IDE restore *ALL option for Type filter in Work With Attributes window
  • fix: WEB - Due to a timing issue, pop ups with autoresize = false in chrome had a wrong size at execution (too small)
  • fix: Ruby - fixes for image data type
  • fix: Ruby - fix for blob extension when using filetypeatt
  • fix: Android - refresh other tabs when a proc/bc action/save was executed
  • fix: Android - fix for NullPointerException when loading metadata with no data node

Build 41999- Available from Friday, 8th April, 2011
  • new: DBMS Server paging is now available also with conditional orders without default order (GeneXus adds a default order in that case)
  • new: Methods for datetimes: AddDays(), AddMinutes() y AddHours().
  • new: Method for Dates: AddDays()
Build 41953- Available from Thursday, 7th April, 2011
  • fix: Java web didn't display images in update
  • new: add logout to main dashboard when GAM is on
  • fixes to iOS that will be public in upcomming KBN
  • fix: GeneXus crashes when double clicking on an attribute in Work With Attributes
Build 41911- Available from Wednesday, 6th April, 2011
  • Blackberry fixes camera issues, map control issues, isPassword property is taken into account
  • Blackberry fixes to threading issues, dates are now displayed OK in lists, etc.
  • new: Android first bits to support actions that apply to an item in the list
  • Android fix showing images in form view
  • Android fix for variables based on domains
Build 41861 - Available from Tuesday, 5th April, 2011
  • better info in output when compiling for iOS
  • new: gxserver: now you can cancel a commit
Build 41818 - Available from Sunday, 3th April, 2011
Records saved with previous builds may not show well Image Datatype fields. (If you have them, ask support for a SQL Sentence that fixes your DB)
  • new: Image Datatype fields are now cached permanently in file system so that resources usage is improved and links are valid permanently
  • fix in encoding / Blackberry
  • fix : camelcasing URLs in java and .net / iOS
  • fixes in GAM
Build 41742 - Available from Friday, 1st April, 2011
Build 41700 - Available from Thursday, 31st March, 2011
  • fix: Android: prompt didn't work well after filtering data
  • fix: Blackberry proc inout parameters support
  • fix: Blackberry: header gets correct metadata
  • fix: Blackberry: tabs are shown in edit or view of section
  • new: BlackBerry: QRCode scanner added in KBN
Build 41671 - Available from Wednesday, 30th March, 2011
  • new: Database Server Paging in grids
  • new: Default Action support in Lists (Android)
  • new option under Tools -> Options -> Knowledge Base to set wether show or not the by the pattern automatically generated dataproviders.
  • fix: Maps weren't shown in Emulator
  • fixes in deploy to cloud in ruby
  • fix in java: zip was deployed to cloud even if deploy to cloud was set to no
Build 41627 - Available from Tuesday 29th March, 2011
  • new: Deploy to Cloud in Java (a tomcat / mysql on Amazon)
  • new: you can call a dashboard from another
  • new: Android: Error of procs (out:&Messages) is displayed as a Modal Dialog
  • new: Android: show procs action progress spinner dialog
  • new: Android: Workwith List supports parameters
  • new iOS: Image and Video edit added
  • new: External Objects can be shown (dragged to) on webform
  • new: standard HTML Domain now shows HTML Content in form (Android) (double tab shows the browser)
  • new: support for localization in pattern strings / messages
  • fixes to Blackberry (subtypes, links, etc)
  • fix iOS: Gxtechnical login error handling improved
  • fix Android: prompt isn't called if fk is readonly
  • fix: Booleans and Enumerated values weren't shown well in lists (Android)
  • fix: namespace fixes in ruby in order to not conflict with GAM
  • fixes in Android image handling
  • fix of Image handling in insert if device is rotated
  • IDE: new smart devices generator icon
  • fix to merging in Team Development
  • fix to revert action from frozen Version
  • Performance improvements in Team Development (getting error feedback earlier)
Build 41393
  • performance improvement in image loading in web
  • new: GAM restriction eliminated> as from this version GAM connection properies are set in Environment and you can have multiple Environments with GAM
  • fix to compilation on Mac if xcode4 is installed
  • fix spc0160: Type mismatch in DT01GUID's Initial Value property. Expected type is GUID, returned expression is t('Guid',36)t('newguid(',1) )
  • fix: uninitialized constant ...SdtGAMUser ...
  • fix: Android regarding datetimes and timezones. (As from this version if servers datetimes are in UTC, the clients convert and show them in localtime correctly. So be aware of saving in UTC in the server. Datetime.ToUniversaltTime() may help you)
  • fix> spc0009 related to full text search
  • fix> timeout fix on server using GAM
  • fix> Entry panels could stop working if server returns 404
Build 41141 is GeneXus X Evolution 2 Beta 2. Available from Tuesday 15th March 2011.
  • new user controls associated to fields- Star Rating, Scanner
  • new GAM in Ruby/Android
  • calendar.schedule in iOS
  • iOS and Blackberry updated
  • fixes ...
Build 41048 - Available from Saturday 12th March 2011
  • New: API to interop with Devices: Added Actions SDActions.Return, Interop.SendMessage, Calendar.Schedule. In existent KBs you will need to import <GX Installation directory>\Packages\Patterns\WorkWithDevices\Resources\SDApi.xml
  • Fix: SD Map control appears again
  • New: if a REST Action returns &Messages , then it is displayed. if the Message contains errors, other actions in the tree are not executed.
  • New: Blackberry updated and has now almost all the features the Android client has too.
  • new: Actions can call procs REST in Java
  • fix: fixes to images in web
  • fix: navitagion buttons in web didn't work
  • new: IsPassword property is taken into account
Build 40846 - Available from Saturday 5th March 2011
  • new: Android: "Entry panel" support. You can create a WWSD with only detail part that has just variables and Actions.
  • new: Autolink property taken into account
  • new: Android: select all text on focus
  • fix: Subtypes navigation in SD.
Build 40786 . Available from Friday 4th March 2011
  • better image on foreign keys in view mode
  • fix: Android hangs on insert with images
  • fix: procs rest not main didn't work in .net
  • fix: apply pattern SD with enumerated domains didn't work.
Build 40741 - Available from Thursday 3rd March 2011
You will need to delete the folder <KB Directory>\<environment directory>\mobile\Android\FlexibleClient . if you don't, the Android package won't compile (something like ... "Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details.")
  • new for Android users
    • Positions of controls designed in the layout is taken into account in some cases.
    • Rowspan, Label Position, class (Title or Subtitle) taken into account
    • support of Workwith SD without List section (just with a Detail Section)
    • GoogleMapControl. If you choose that control in a List/View, the control shows the points corresponding to the Geolocation field you set in a map
    • Display Property of a Section control supports Tab value
    • Each section can be based on paralell BCs
    • Type = Form | List property is supported
    • Actions are supported. And nested actions too. Priority is taken into account. You can call procs REST, BCs (in batch mode too), transactions, the detail of a workwith or the list.
    • Many images in one form are supported.
    • Geolocation Picker takes best location possible (GPS or Wifi, etc)
    • You can add variables as Data and load them with an expression in the LoadCode property
  • new for Blackberry users: Java supported as backoffice
  • new: Image data type supported in Ruby, Java and .NET
  • new: All action properties also available for Items in Dashboard
  • fix: Geolocation Domain changes from C(20) to C(50) (In existing KBs you have to import the new definition from <genexus root>\startup\common\sddomains.xpz)
  • fix to compilation issues in JAVA / REST
Build 39751 - Available from Thursday 3nd February 2011 at 3:00 Am
  • new: expand and collapse functionality in the pivot table of UC queryviewer
  • fix: SD Generator wasn't added automatically
Build 39696 - Available from Wednesday 2nd February 2011 at 3:00 Am
  • new: Formulas max, min, average, sum and count with conditions are triggered now in the client/jscript in web
  • new: Datetime.Todate() method
  • fix: GUID conflict saving a two-level transaction
  • fix: ymdtod() in DB2
  • fix: date and time handling in REST / Java
  • fix: .net and java: BC with a Date key didn't compile
  • fix: Blackberry: header image high fixed
  • fix: Blackberry: workwith title scrolls
  • new: windows azure deploy gets the path of the windows azure SDK
  • fix: compilation error in java with nullable atts and REST
Build 39632 - Available from Monday 31th January 2011 at 3:00 Am
  • new: Workwith for Smart Devices Pattern has been under strong refactoring allowing more design flexibility, power and is now a stronger platform for the upcomming features and required developments. A new format for Work With for Smart Devices was added under tab named "Advanced". See Work With pattern and Work With object.
    • Note, this build may breake some instances defined in Beta 1: this NB has incororated the convertion of instances from Beta 1, except:
    • Actions with Custom Code (Schedule, etc.)
    • Filters "fixed" (i.e. by day in the XX Conference) is no loger suported. Now, they remain as a "advanced" filter on the field.
  • new: Layout Editor allows to define custom layouts on top of the SD pattern instances
  • new: Pattern instances allow to define different sets of fields for View and Edit mode
  • new: Java Generator supports REST with Insert, Update and Delete too. So you can beta test (REST Services and as a backoffice of Smart Devices applications too ) now with Java as with .NET and Ruby. (Android only right now)
  • new Android: Flip option to navigate to the next/previous item in Detail View (section General).
  • new Android: New Image datatype partially implmented: When you use it, it's possible to select an image from the device gallery or by taking a photo (now only available in Android/Ruby on Cloud)
  • new: Deploy to the Cloud in Ruby / MySQL. See Cloud prototyping
  • new: .NET: Deploy to Windows Azure. See Deployment Azure
  • new: QR-Code for smart devices is shown in Developer Menu (only in Ruby on the CLoud). See Cloud prototyping
  • new: Paging clauses SKIP and COUNT in data providers are taken into account when generating the SELECT sentences in the DBMS. So these paging clauses improve performance and Appserver<->DBMS traffic
  • Blackberry Prototyper renamed to Knowledge Base Navigator like in Android and iOS
  • Android: performance improvement in metadata loader
  • new: &Collection.IsEmpty() returns true if it has 0 elements
  • new: Procedures and Dataproviders support REST Protocol
  • new: "Ruby" command to include Ruby code lines in the generated code
  • new Time domain with special semantics in SD apps.
  • new: Map prompt availabe on fields based on Geolocation Domain.
  • fix Android: relation didn't filter by FK if the entity wasn't loaded
  • fix IDE: When creating a new Environment, the SmartDevice generator wasn't initialized with the correct properties (said Java instead of Smart Device).

Disclaimer: The iOS' Knowledge Base Navigator doesn't work with the backoffice generated by this build yet.

Build 37901 - Available from Wednesday 1st December 2010 at 3:00 Am
  • new: Blackberry now supports also Insert, Update, Delete
  • new: Blackberry app can be deployed to device ("how to" comming soon)
  • new: IDE: New view / List Database option
  • fix: runtime: SD Relation showed info of workwith
Build 37724 - Available from Friday 26th at 3:00 Am
(*) update on 16/11/2012: relevant gxserver KBs moved to
Build 37577 - Available from Wednesday 24th at 3:00 AM
  • new: background image for iOS -
  • new: execute on device option for iOS
  • fix: images in Dashboard in .NET didn't work
  • fix es to error handling in REST / .NET
Build 37524 - Available from Tuesday 23th at 3:00 AM
  • fix to urlrewrite and images in .NET / REST
  • new: generate domains.json to use in the devices to get enumerations info
Build 37509 - Available from Saturday 20th at 3:00 AM
  • Fix: Back button didn't work in Feed. (Android)
  • Fix: couldn't read feed <> UTF8 (Android)
  • Fix: error handling in .NET / REST
Build 37413 - Available from november 18th at 2:30 PM
  • New: Prototype on iOS. See My first iOS application
  • New: Prototype on Blackberry. See My first BlackBerry application
  • New: .NET Generator supports REST with Insert, Update and Delete too. So you can beta test now with .NET as with Ruby
  • New: Android SDK directory is remembered through KBs. (build 37337)
  • New: Runtime: When viewing the detail , you can go to Menu -> Next | Previous for the next item of the workwith
  • fix: Runtime: Dates were shown wrong in SD when backoffice was in .NET
  • Runtime: performance improvement in search in SD: how search takes into account paging.
  • New: In Business Process Diagram was improved the connectivity between symbols. Previously you had only four points of connection, now you can connect from any point on the edge of the symbols.
  • New: in Business Process Diagram were added new symbols for Pools and Lanes, embedded subprocess and other events.
Build 37320 - Available from november 16th at 3:00 AM
  • new: support in SD for signed fields
  • fix to nullable attributes in REST
  • fix to SD editor refresh
Build 37274 - Built on november 13th at 3:00 AM.
  • New: First bits of .NET support for business components with REST protocol. only Read right now.
    • Requirements: IIS 7, URL Rewrite , .net compiler of .net framework 3.5
  • New: First bits of Image datatype in the IDE (Generators still don't support it).
  • New: On Transactions: New "Image attribute" similar to "Description Attribute". (Generators still don't support it)
  • IDE: fix:Pattern instance wasn't updated in some cases after updating transaction
  • Runtime: fix: Inferred attribute wasn't readonly in runtime
  • Runtime: fix: Photo wasn't displayed in grid in some cases
  • Runtime: fix: Edit mode with long fields doesn´t show correctly.
  • When opening a RPT file with GXReportEditor.exe the following error may occur: "Service not found: 'd346258c-9b51-4574-ba4b-9c8dda50604d'. (Artech.Layers.Framework)" (fixed, build 36939)
Build 36907 - Available from november 5th afternoon, it is Beta 1 !
  • Runtime: Fix in Clear images caché in Android.
  • Runtime: Fix, Not allow to enter longer data than attribute length for character attributes.
Build 36760 - Available from november 4th, 3:00 AM.
  • The URLString Domain has been renamed to Url and a Regular Expression has been added to validate it.
    • Steps you have to do in existing KBs with Url Domain:
      1. Rename the Url domain to UrlOLD,
      2. import <gx installation dir>\Startup\Common\Domains.xpz
      3. Point all that references UrlOLD to Url
      4. Delete UrlOLD
  • Attributes added to BC structure were not automatically added to "detail view" in some cases (build 36760 - fixed)
  • Runtime: Fix to Images caché.
  • Key attributes value was not displayed when editing data (build 36758 - fixed)
  • About option was added to GX Smart Devices Prototyper root menu (build 36757 - implemented)
    About GX Smart Devices Prototyper 1
    About GX Smart Devices Prototyper 2
  • Communication with Android Emulator improved. Message "Error: Could not access the Package Manager. Is the system running?" should not appear anymore if the emulator is running. (build 36751)
  • Emulator, when locked, is automatically "unlocked" (build 36751)
  • "Phone" domain changed from Numeric(8) to Character(20). Steps you have to do in existing KBs: import <gx installation dir>\Startup\Common\sdDomains.xpz