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Deprecated: Since GeneXus 15.

Applications generated for SD from GeneXus X Evolution 2 can be executed directly in the device instead of the emulator.

To execute the application, certain prerequisites have to be installed. See this document for details: BlackBerry Requirements.

Using the Device

Option 1: Directly in the device

Only “signed” applications can be executed directly from the devices. So, if you want to install your own application you need to get the BlackBerry Code Signing Keys. This can be done simply by completing the Signing Keys Order Form. (30/03/11 - keys are now free. According to an email from Blackberry Application Development Support it may take up to 2 business days to get those keys. You will receive 3 keys and complete instructions from Blackberry. If you encounter an IO error registering the received keys, follow these steps:

Once you get the sign key, set the followings properties in GeneXus (SmartDevice generator)

  1. Generate Blackberry = True
  2. BlackBerry Specific/BlackBerry Signature Tool Password = <enter your private key>
  3. F5 

If you have connected the device to the PC, this process will automatically install the application on it.

Option 2: Execution from QR codes

You can scan the application's QR code to install it or add it to the KB Navigator catalog. See this page for more information: Executing From QR Codes.

Option 3: Download the application to the device and run it

Besides, the signed application can be manually installed from the Blackberry Desktop. In addition, .jad files are generated to install it “Over the Air”, that is to say, from the device’s web browser. Just put the .jad file on an accessible web server and point to that file from the device.


In case you need other resources from BlackBerry, such as support to BIS connection service, push notification, and general support, you must join the BlackBerry Alliance Program.

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