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You have already obtained GeneXus and would like to know how to continue?

Let's dive straight into the basic steps necessary to get started developing apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry devices.

If you have not obtained your bits yet, please access here or contact us

Learning by watching

Find all you need to know about GeneXus and how to build smart devices applications with GeneXus at our training center.

Learning by reading

Take a look at our approach when developing smart devices applications:

Learning by doing

Step 0

Check if you have all necessary stuff on your computer:

Step 1

The following tutorials will allow you to build your first application step by step:

Learning by samples

For sure you already have some great ideas to develop, take a look at some applications developed by GeneXus in order to get ideas to boost your own applications:

GeneXus X Evolution 3 Samples

And now what?

Now that you have started, download GeneXus, or GeneXus Trial, continue developing your own applications and have fun!!!

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