GeneXus X Evolution 2 Team Development

Unofficial Content

When a Knowledge Base is connected to a GXserver instance, you will notice several integration improvements.

User Experience

Icon overlay

An icon overlay is added on each object to identify the object status with respect to the KB's server. Therefore, you can easily identify if the object was modified locally, is new, deleted and so on.

Update Dialog

The team development dialog was rebuild from scratch. A new partial update option was added on the update dialog to selectively decide which object should be updated on the KB local instance; a new contextual menu called Team Development was added when selecting GeneXus objects.

History Dialog

Take a look at the History tab, which replaces the what's new one. You can inspect each commit done, its objects list and get all the differences between your local object and the one on the server side. You may also inspect each commit operation to keep in touch with everything done on any development branch in the project.

You can also bring the modifications done in other versions within this interface. When selecting a version different from the current one, a new contextual menu option "Bring changes" is added to bring commits from the selected version and merge them on the current one.

New Contextual Menu Options

A new set of contextual menu options were added.

Besides, new options were added to compare a local object with the server-side version, such as:

GXserver Status Checking

When executing a Commit operation, the first operation is to check whether the operation is valid on the server side. For those cases when another user is already executing an operation, an error will be displayed.

Pending Commit list

This operation has been greatly optimized. Whenever you need to check the list of pending commits, you'll notice a huge performance improvement. 

Cancelling a processing Commit in GXserver

A processing commit operation can be cancelled using the Cancel option in the Team Development Commit dialog.

Check the output detail for feedback on the operation:

========== Commit started ==========
Verifying objects to commit...done!
Verifying not included objects...done!
Verifying ignored objects...done!
Verifying newly saved object...
Contacting GeneXus Server at 'http://server/GeneXusServerXev2'... done!
Exporting Procedure 'Sample'...
Export File Created At: 'C:\Users\genexus\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpA46B.xpz'
warning: Commit cancelation requested by user...
GeneXus Server: Commit to version sandbox of KB 'sandbox' sent by DOMAIN\user
GeneXus Server: Comments:sample
GeneXus Server: Processing file...
GeneXus Server: Checking Import References...... Finished
GeneXus Server: Reading import file objects...... Finished
GeneXus Server: Commit Procedure 'Sample'... ... Successful
error: GeneXus Server: Operation cancelled by user
Commit Failed


GXserver update file is now cached for future requests

When executing an Update operation, a cache file is generated to be reused by other Working Knowledge Bases, whenever possible, when executing further Update operations.
This applies when executing a Full Update and no other Commit operation is done afterwards. These means that after any user has done a full update, any other team member requesting an update wil benefit from this cache and take considerably less time to execute.