GeneXus X Evolution 2 Web Application Development - User Experience

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CSS 3 and HTML 5, combined or not, are synonyms of an improved user experience in multiple devices,
application development for desktop and mobile browsers.

A new Theme, named "GeneXusXev2" has been added to GeneXus X Evolution 2.
It is based on CCS3 and offers a modern web design using less HTML code and images.
More details: HTML 5

Semantic Domains
The idea is through new HTML Tags on web fields, browsers can be improve the user interface. This is what are implemented as Semantic Domains 
Map User control

The user Contorl Map, part of Google Visualization Library,  was update to V3 version.
It implies several improvements such as:  No Accesskey is required, fast maps on mobile browsers,
More details: HowTo: Using Map control

Chart rendering 
Query Object
A  new javascript implementation was added to Query Viewer Control when rendering Charts.