Business Component - Publication as an Enterprise Java Bean

Unofficial Content

To publish a business component as EJB, set the Business Component property to True, and the Expose as Enterpirse Java Bean property to True.

Once these properties are set, automatically this procedure will be generated as session bean (Stateless).

It provides the following methods in order to Load, Save, Check and Delete the data:

  • LoadKeySvc
  • SaveSvc
  • CheckKeySvc
  • DeleteKeySvc

These methods -as it's names let see- offer the same as the LoadSaveCheck and Delete business component methods.

Important: The only difference between the web service methods we are introducing and the common business component methods, is that the web service methods execute commit after executing their operations.


Note : In order to compile correctly, it is necessary define a main object that includes a variable based on the business component.