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This property is used in Smart Device applications, more specifically to develop its user interface. It allows you to automatically adjust the height of the control when the content (i.e. text) is larger than the size given by the container.


True The height of the control grows automatically, as much as necessary to show all the content.
False The height of the control does not grow automatically. It is up to the control to adjust the content when it’s size is larger, i.e. containers may add scroll if possible, text controls may clip text or add scroll, etc.

Controls - Default Value

This property applies to different types of Smart Device controls: containers and text. The default value depends on the type of control. The following table lists the controls that support this property and shows their default values.

Container Controls Default Value
Grid False
Table True
Group True
Text Controls
Attribute False
Variable False
LongVarChar (Attribute or variable) True
Texblock False


Android Autogrow Grid True Att False Android Autogrow Grid True Att True
Attribute Auto Grow=False
Attribute Auto Grow=true


In some cases you may wish to see many records in the grid, although the text does not fit, and in other cases, you may wish to see the whole text, although the grid is larger and fewer rows are shown.


The following table shows the combination of Auto Grow property and its effect.

    True False
The attribute grows up if the item is bigger than the cell where is contained, and the table grows up displaying it scrollable. The table might grow up, but since the attribute does not, the table does not. 
The Table remains without growing, therefore the attributes inside it are limited by the table. In other words, the auto grow in the attributes are ignored. (*) None of them grow up.

Note: (*) This behavior changed between GeneXus X Evolution 3 and GeneXus 15


Applies to Smart Devices Controls (see Table 1)
Platforms Android Smart Devices, Apple Smart Devices (iOS), BlackBerry Smart Devices

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