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This property allows you to display or not the Application Bar in the device.




Useful when the developer needs more space to display texts, images, etc, depending on the device. For example, if you are designing an application for iPad and iPhone, you could need more space in the iPhone; then, set this property to False in the iPhone layout.

The developer can dynamically show or hide the application bar by writing a user event with the following code:

Event 'ShowHideApplicationBars'
     ApplicationBars.Visible = not ApplicationBars.Visible

Where ApplicationBars is its Control Name.


  • When this property is set to True, Application Bars Class property is available.
  • The property has the same behavior as Visible property but applied for Application Bars, and can be used as read or write.
  • Runtime change of this property is not available for Menu object.


This property applies both at run-time and at design-time.

How to apply changes

To apply changes made by this property, do a Build All.


Objects: Panel for Smart Devices, Work With for Smart Devices, Menu for Smart Devices
Platforms: Smart Devices(Android, IOS)

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