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This method can be applied to a property of a variable based on a business component type of a transaction, in order to retrieve it's value from the database, despite having modified it (having assigned to it another value) in memory.

The objetive of applying this method to a property of a business component variable, is to obtain the previous value that the property still has stored.




      Is a variable defined in a GeneXus object, based on a business component type of a transaction.

The result returned by the method is a value that can be assigned to a variable or showed using Msg, etc.



Let's suppose we define the Customer transaction as Business Component (by setting its Business Component property = True):

  CustomerId*     (Autonumber property = True)

Error('The customer can't be deleted because he has miles to use') if delete and CustomerTotalMiles>0;

Accordingly, a business component data type of the Customer transaction is automatically created in the KB and we are able to define in any object, a variable of the new type created. Thus, in any object we define a variable named &customer based on the Customer type, and the following code can be defined in that object for example (if the object is a procedure, the code can be included in its source):

&Customer.CustomerTotalMiles += 500
msg('The customer has' + str(&Customer.CustomerTotalMiles.Getoldvalue()) + ' miles and now is going to have ' + str(&Customer.CustomerTotalMiles))

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